Earthing: A Miracle Pain Reliever

After years of Triple Jump, Long Jump, Hurdles, Sprints, Miles of Running, and intense Track & Field practice 6 days a week for Varsity Track and Cross Country in High School, my body took a beating. There was one time when I twisted my right ankle at a competition and loosened something resulting in occasional pain behind my right knee. It is rare for me to get this pain, which I believe to be inflamation, but I sometimes experience it after running on cement or walking for very long periods of time. I noticed contact with cement is not good.

One day when this pain returned, I woke up several times at night. So I wrapped my grounding mat, which I usually keep at my feet, around the knee experiencing pain. Upon waking up in the morning the pain was gone. I also had a similar result when I had strong shoulder pain after lifting something heavy. The pain was so strong that it was difficult to fall asleep. As soon as I placed my shoulder upon the earthing mat, the pain INSTANTLY subsided to a degree which permitted me to fall asleep. These are my experiences, and I am so happy it works for me. I also recommended this earthing mat for a friend, and he said he loves it. It helps him to stay grounded during meditation.

Check out a video of David Wolfe showing how grounding protects you from dirty  electromagnetic pollution by allowing Earth’s antioxidant electrical nutrition into the body by using a voltage meter and an earthing mat.

Check out the Earthing  & Grounding Website where you can buy these awesome products.


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