Fitness Variety

I ran like half a mile today after my hike. Most of the run was on an incline up a little mountain cluster that I live in. I haven’t ran in a while, even though I did track & field and cross country for 4 years in high school. Running felt good! But I wouldn’t […]

Dream to Reality

I had short dream and then this afternoon that short moment that I had in that dream happened the same way in awake time. I just don’t get why I get these dreams that confirm that I can sometimes see the future but then it is not always easy to figure out the meaning of […]

Reishi Mushroom

I finally got around to making Reishi tea from the Reishi mushrooms that I got at the farmers market. It is called the mushroom of immortality, and is a pretty rare mushroom. In ancient times it was used among the emperors. Some call it the king of herbs. It has a very earthy flavor and […]