Healthy Tips

Here are some healthy things I’ve tried in the past and some still continue to. Nibbling on Cloves Vitamin C intake. Juicing 3 lemons/limes a day Neem oil into skin fermented cabbage Consuming at least a table spoon of cinnamon a day And lots of water Oregano oil drinking Pau D’arco Tea teaspoon of Camu […]

Feeling the breeze

Today I got out of bed, ¬†made breakfast and ate it outside by my pool. The weather was beautiful and an amazing feeling ocean breeze was caressing my face. I proclaimed that I will spend more time outside and take a walk before work. But time is tricky and by the time I finished getting […]

Apophyllite Angels

Apophyllite is another angelic crystal. It is wonderful to have in your home to attract your heart’s desires and bring purity into your environment. It helps cool things down. It helps connect you to your higher self and get rid of any fragmentation. It is healing for the eyes in particular.¬†

Benitoite aka Blue Diamond

This crystal is so amazing. After a long time of looking I found a tiny good quality Benitoite crystal! For sure the most expensive crystal I bought for that size thus far. According to a geology video, Benitoite is listed as the 5th most rare and valuable crystal in the world. It is much more […]