Constructive Criticism on the Words of Engaged Women

il_570xN.401106566_1w68My intention is to empower women. I have been recently seeing posts from various women who are getting married, and this is what they say:

“The engagement was the best day of my life.”
“I am with my better half.”

Please remember that each day of your life is special. Every day you take a breath is the best day ever. Some days may have more energy around them like the day you graduate or the day he asks you to his wife and to love, respect, and honor you. But please remember that there is magic in all days, especially in the NOW moment. No day is better than another. The best time is in the NOW.

il_570xN.539043861_q27qMoreover, no one is better than you. And you are not better than anyone else. I know it is difficult to grasp. Especially when we see some people do harm. Nevertheless, everyone is made in the likeness of Prime Creator or God as some of you may call it. Every human is powerful in their own way. You may  say, “this person is my better half” is a figure of speech… Please remember that words are energy and for the last 300,000 there have been energies created through laws, language, and societal “norms” to keep you under  control. As we look through modern history we see that women especially have been controlled. Why? The divine feminine is the feeling part of the union. The masculine is the logical part. Both are necessary. Nevertheless, many humans have lost their ability to truly feel. They are flooded by crazy emotions, but they do not truly know how to feel. Women have the greater capacity to feel , it is programmed deep down in their DNA. So lets be respectful to all the women on this planet, and Women please love, honor, respect, and don’t forget to give credit to yourself and all your experiences!


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