Tips for Tremendously Accelerating Your Consciousness

“Every day open the energy centers in your body and above your body by calling the frequency of love and light. Picture a beam of light coming into your energy centers.

It is important for everyone who wishes to be in complete balance with their physical being to practice, on a regular basis, some kind of deep-breathing program. This is a program in which breath is very important and oxygenation is practiced so that oxygen in brought into your body.

Another activity for those who wish to move into a vast acceleration of energy is spinning. Move from left to right, spinning around and focusing your vision on your thumb, counting and spinning. Spin 33 times at least once a day. When you complete spinning however many times, bring your palms together at chest level. Press them together, keeping your eyes open, and balance yourself with your feet a shoulder’s width apart so that you feel anchored and still feel the spinning at the same time. This tremendously accelerates the spinning of the chakra systems inside your body, which accelerates the rate at which you can interpret and receive data.” -P’s

As children we always used to spin around, because children have a lot of their intuition intact.  Tips: Start off slow and maybe not 33 times and breathe deep while you spin. I noticed when I breathe deep I do not get nauseous.



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