Tips for a Healthy Pregnancy

Pregnant women should protect themselves from wifi. Use EMF absorbent crystals like tourmaline and sodalite. Limit your time on cell phone drastically or if you can completely get rid of it for 9 months. Have your husband take your calls, lol. Get an ethernet cable for your home computer. Throw away the microwave. Avoid places […]

True Love Purity

I am really passionate about living a pure life and I believe it is possible without all these bad drugs and medical procedures! A big part of it is about balance. And there are lots of things to balance. Please True Love God, Archangel Raphael, and Archangel Michael, help humanity to balance in True Love […]

Ruby Crystal

“Ruby is believed to be a stone of nobility and purity. It is also a stone of adventure and leadership. It can amplify energy and provide a boost to Earth’s healing.  It both increases prosperity and generosity. Ruby is considered a stone of protection too and eliminates nightmares. Moreover, it helps with passion and romantic love as […]

Think Positive Release Illusion

It is really important to think positive. Thinking positive literally changes the world for the better. When you think positive your vibration increases. If enough people raise their vibration daily it will change the weather and the way the world is. Government, financial system, and some other organizations like Monsanto and Coca Cola are not […]

Dance~ I’m loving Barre Class

If you want to learn to dance or enhance your dancing abilities but you are not very coordinated or do not like memorizing choreography, you should take Barre classes. I was never good at memorizing choreography, because I guess I just prefer dancing to the beat of my own drum. I tried out to cheerleading […]

Time Out Technique for Children

Discipline is a very important component of successful parenting. Children need and crave boundaries and a loving parent(s) who is/are in charge. I learned this technique style from Supper Nanny Joe Frost. When talking to children for this technique, remember to always get down to their level and have them look you in the face. […]

Saving Money?

There are some people that believe in saving money for a “rainy day.” Basically this “rainy day” metaphor means that one should save money in case something bad happens in life.  Insurance companies often say that as they prey on people’s fears. This saving for a “rainy day” thing is one of the worst advice ever, […]