Easing into the KonMari Perspective

Many have heard of Marie Kondo and her teachings on tidying. Her method is very helpful and inspirational. I particularly loved her folding and storage tips. However, when I read her books and saw her Netflix show, the huge amounts of discarding was a bit extreme to my perspective. I think that if an item […]

True Teaching

“How can anyone recognize True knowledge if they do not have that Truth and Purity within? If there is falsehood within, they will be attracted to false knowledge. That falsehood needs to be expressed outwards and manifested, so that they can learn about it. Very few learn. The majority get tangled and traumatized with negative […]

Health and Beauty Tips

COLD SHOWERS: Many people are talking about the benefits of contrast showers or cold showers or going into cold water somewhere. I started doing contrast showers this winter. It is actually easier during this time because you got the heat on at home instead of the air conditioning, so it feels better. I’ve noticed that […]

New Year Resolutions

An idea that recently came to me on why most people do not stick to their new year resolutions. It is because people are making them at the wrong time. Very few know about the times when it is auspicious to make changes. This modern calendar is not aligned with the natural cycles of creation. […]

Healing with Light

I recently decided to get a few more advanced quality red light and near infrared light devices for my daily routines. A while ago I bought a red light bulb that emits 660nm wavelength. Although I’ve had this bulb for several years, only recently did I start using it daily while I sit down for […]

Carl Jung Wisdom

“There is a web (metaphor) of the divine order that runs through the external world, unrecognized, unappreciated, undiscovered, but it is there. But under certain strange circumstances, portions of the web come out and are in your awareness and consciousness.” – Carl Jung “Scientists have to admit that they do not know what lights is. […]

Essential Oil Wisdom

There are so many ways one can use essential oils. One way to incorporate them is to add a drop of high quality food grade essential oil to tea or to a teaspoon of honey. When you add an essential oil to hot tea, you can hold the cup up and inhale the beautiful aroma. […]

Physical & Emotional Transformation

I have been cultivating my conscious focus according to ancient wisdom. Ancient scriptures say that it is important to cultivate equanimity through constant focus within. Although my mind wanders often, I am becoming more and more aware of its patterns and continuously bring it back to my breath. I enjoy focusing on my breath during […]


A quick way to experience the healing benefits of botanicals is in the shower. Plug your bathtub and add a cup of Epsom salt and 5-10 drops of an organic essential oil like Lavender, Eucalyptus, Tea Tree, etc. As you shower, the essential oil evaporates and creates a spa vibe atmosphere. This is an easy […]