Book editing

I am on  maybe a 4th edit of my book and I am editing it for the 3rd time. It is so interesting how it is helping even me as I go back at certain times. It is showing me divine syncronicity. For example, I have not edited my book in several months and I […]

Healthy Tips

Here are some healthy things I’ve tried in the past and some still continue to. Nibbling on Cloves Vitamin C intake. Juicing 3 lemons/limes a day Neem oil into skin fermented cabbage Consuming at least a table spoon of cinnamon a day And lots of water Oregano oil drinking Pau D’arco Tea teaspoon of Camu […]

Feeling the breeze

Today I got out of bed,  made breakfast and ate it outside by my pool. The weather was beautiful and an amazing feeling ocean breeze was caressing my face. I proclaimed that I will spend more time outside and take a walk before work. But time is tricky and by the time I finished getting […]