Kunzite Crystal

I have been meaning to get this crystal for a while now and I finally got it! yay. I love it so much. Kunzite crystal is most commonly found in light pink, lilac, and violet colors. It is a pretty rare semiprecious gem with wonderful energy. Kunzite crystal is known for its pure and joyful energy, […]

Pray to God now

I’m sorry but these type of ads are extremely inappropriate. This and also those parades that go through the community neighborhoods where half naked men shake their things.This is a main political agenda to sexualize children and public in general. Every single disease was created in a lab. It is illusion. Your true natural state […]

Father Child Relationship

I often think about communication and relationships. I studied psychology and social work and overall as a woman I’m interested in these topics. It appears that when a child is born, the biological mother is the most important person in their life. This is probably because the child grew up inside her belly and then […]

Children’s Book Writing Progress

I’m editing my book at my “office” and a dove just flew over my head and landed in a nearby garden. Yay. It is really important to listen to your intuition! Only work with people who are for your highest good. Money is not everything! And when you do follow your intuition somehow better opportunities […]