Healthy Cake?

So I love cake and I love simple whole and pure foods. So I was inspired to experiment. I soaked millet overnight (soaked grains are easier for body to digest I’ve been told.) Then after the millet is prepared, I pour frosting on it. I’ve been making frosting with raw kefir, cinnamon powder, and sweet […]

Tea Bath

I have been focusing on decluttering my home; buying less and actually enjoying using what I already own. During my kitchen clean up I found a stash of all these amazing teas in the back of the cupboard. The reason they were back there is because I’ve had them for over 5 years but they […]

Bath Beauty

So I haven’t taken a bath in several years and just took one, and wow! I’ve been missing out. I’ve been watching a lot of youtubers on health and beauty and got inspired. I heard Epsom salt baths are way more awesome than foot soaks, although that is awesome too. Apparently magnesium absorbs better through […]


I listened to a podcast and a doctor who does anti aging research said that for healthy people, some physical stress makes them stronger in the long run. Like for example exercise is stress on the body but it makes us stronger in the long run because of adaptability. What the doctor specifically discussed was […]

Gold Power

I recently bought a face serum with real gold, so I got curious to understand why they put gold into skin care products.. Gold can brighten and calm the skin. It helps skin to maintain youthful and smooth. During the time of Cleopatra, Gold was commonly used for beautifying, rejuvenation, and curing all aspects of […]