Yummy Cucumber Radish

I got a really flavorful cheese at the farmers market because the sales guy was such a nice person. And then today I got this magazine in the mail and got a burst of inspiration to make a very low carb yummy treat. I didn’t have basil so I used cilantro. I really love cilantro and always have it in my fridge. I then coupled this treat with sweet potatoes instead of the crackers. I kept the sweet potatoes as a separate dish. That’s also my garden in the background of the magazine, yay.


Enoki Mushrooms with Cilantro

Enoki are my favorite mushrooms and they remind me of noodles but with no carbs20190426_131738. I fried the mushrooms on 2 tablespoons of coconut oil and seasoned with turmeric, pepper, and pink salt. And then put them on top of fresh cilantro. 

Sea Buckthorn

Sea Buckthorn Oil helps stimulate hair growth while improving the overall health of your hair; great for men and women. It is also good for preventing sunburn; for treating radiation damage from x-rays and overall skin healing.


Everyday Healthy things

I started taking cloves, molasses, and turmeric again. I chew a few whole cloves like a mint, and I also have clove essential oil so I mix it with coconut oil and brush my teeth with it, feels so good! Regular toothpaste sometimes makes my teeth hurt. With turmeric I take a teaspoon of powder and add warm water, sometimes I’ll add stevia: tastes like milk to me. With molasses I add a table spoon to regular tea and a little bit of vitamin C powder, really tasty. Molasses is really good for the hair,  I’ve experimented in the past and it works.