Healthy Cake?

So I love cake and I love simple whole and pure foods. So I was inspired to experiment. I soaked millet overnight (soaked grains are easier for body to digest I’ve been told.) Then after the millet is prepared, I pour frosting on it. I’ve been making frosting with raw kefir, cinnamon powder, and sweet stevia powder, and a splash of vanilla mixed together. And add strawberries on top. Cupcake?


Tea Bath

I have been focusing on decluttering my home; buying less and actually enjoying using what I already own. During my kitchen clean up I found a stash of all these amazing teas in the back of the cupboard. The reason they were back there is because I’ve had them for over 5 years but they haven’t wanted to throw them out because I’ve collected these really high quality loose leaf teas from all over Europe. I’m not sure why I didn’t drink them all those years but now, like I’ve mentioned earlier, I’m focusing on not over buying. I did some online research and saw that some people say tea shelf life is 36 months while others say teas don’t really expire but over time lose flavor. I smelled my teas and they all looked and smelled great, but after over 5 years of storage I didn’t feel comfortable drinking them so I decided to start making baths! And what a great idea this was. I would use the entire package of tea, make 3 big pots of it, and pour it into the bathtub. I use a strainer so that the tea leaves stay out of the bath to avoid clogging. I prepare the tea how they usually recommend by steeping it for 5 or so minutes, I would just make a huge amount of it. I also added sea salt to the bath. So far I’ve done a rooibos tea bath which made my skin really soft, and a green tea bath which made my skin so dewy and amazing. Green tea is super magical! Use it a lot. Drink it, make baths with it, make ice cubes with it and melt them on your face. SO good! I don’t like wasting things so this was a little idea that turned out to be a new beauty routine for the future. Yay.


High intensity interval training fun

Wow so I’ve known about high intensity interval training but I’ve had anxiety about trying it because I thought it was gonna be super hard like those high school sprinting track workouts that the coaches made us do. Like we would do fifteen 200 meter sprints with a 30 second rest in between as fast as possibl, like race speed but not once, 15 times maxing out lol. But the training that I just did was not like that. I didn’t feel that intense burning feeling in my abs but I got so sweaty; more sweaty compared to running at medium speed, which also feels way harder. At my gym they got these new woodway treadmills that have different workouts programmed. I did the 16 min program where it’s a 3 min walk warmup on speed 3 and 3 min walk cool down and 10 mins in between you are running fast for 30 seconds on speed 8 and walking 30 seconds on speed 3.5. What a great workout and it felt so easy. According to a lot of functional medicine doctors I’ve been learning from, this is the most effective type of exercise.


Bath Beauty

So I haven’t taken a bath in several years and just took one, and wow! I’ve been missing out. I’ve been watching a lot of youtubers on health and beauty and got inspired. I heard Epsom salt baths are way more awesome than foot soaks, although that is awesome too. Apparently magnesium absorbs better through the skin than if you were to supplement with a capsule, which I also do. But the bath though ❤ today I did half a cup of spirulina powder and half a cup of Hawaiian sea salt and 2 drops of high quality lemongrass essential oil and 2 clear quartz  crystals. When I  took the crystals out they looked happy and vibrant. This bath felt like I was just at the beach. I was at the ocean yesterday jumping around in the cold water and that felt amazing too. With the baths at home; I recommend to shower first so you are nice and clean for the super relaxing, skin beautifying, healing bath.

On a slightly different note, I just ordered more essential oils including Frankincense, pink grapefruit, and bergamot. All are super beautifying and healing. Oh did you know caffeine in good to put on the skin. I use folgers coffee grounds for a body scrub and I put the green tea leaves on my face for several minutes after I drank the super awesome green tea, apparantly this tea is also super. I love Matcha too. Well that’s currently what I’m into. Oh and one more thing I’ve been so very much enjoying making delicious salads with cabbage, radishes, cilantro, tomatoes, celery, Pumpkin seeds, seasoned with pink salt, olive oil, and apple cider vinegar. I like dream of that salad during the day lol. 20200304_135056

My Second Dance Class Experience

Dance class was better today, I feel I improved like 15 percent. Today at least I figured out to go the same direction as the rest of the people. But was not synchronizing when we had to do an open leg jump. And the super fast mini steps in between like wide leg moves like half lunges wide. I liked when we did the grapevine, it looked pretty. With all the super fast mini Irish dance style steps and having to remember different series of moves all with those mini steps and combine them in less than 15 mins. Wow. Today the instructor also included some slower ballet moves, those are easier for me since I’ve taken so many barre classes. But what really helped me today was the dances we had to learn at this Russian camp that I went to, and the drills we did during track and field in high school- for warm up we had to do these fast skippy drills with high leg lifts. Those mini steps though… it looked like when people at the gym do those mini step runs in that ladder thing that the trainers lay on the floor. Dancing is cool, it’s like all movements put together. I also like it because all the hopping around makes me feel good, I have a smile in class the whole time without trying to have it, (you know those times when you have to force a smile to be polite but what you really wanna do is walk by peacefully and quietly with a relaxed face. But in this class I feel like my smile is just so natural and light, like a cloud. The instructor is super cool and an awesome dancer, obviously, and he said he will have class next week and include modifications. He said this is a more advanced class last week, so I’m glad there will be options because we all have unique preferences.



I listened to a podcast and a doctor who does anti aging research said that for healthy people, some physical stress makes them stronger in the long run. Like for example exercise is stress on the body but it makes us stronger in the long run because of adaptability. What the doctor specifically discussed was sauna/steam room. So exposure to high heat makes the body stress and as a result create some sort of things inside to make it stronger and more adaptable. The research study said people who did at least 20 minutes of this type of heat exposure saw positive results. So I started to try this too. I love the eucalyptus stream room at my gym but I usually stayed in there for like 10 mins and as soon as I started to get uncomfortable I left. Now after learning about this study I began to time myself and stay 20 mins, it is kinda hard, my heart starts beating all fast, and it’s a very mental exercise as well. First time I did it I walked out super light headed and was exhausted and had a headache after. The second time I did it was different, I didn’t get those negative symptoms, I got stronger and adapted. So seems to work 🙂 For some reason our bodies get stronger if we push ourselves a little passed our perceived limits. 🦄💍💎🍇💄🍇💎

Clear Addictions to Soda Pop- Coke, Sprite, etc. Be Beautiful Inside and Outside



If you hope to feel and look good, I believe it is necessary to stop drinking these fake beverages. There are no health benefits in these. The regular ones have about 40 grams of sugar! that is 10 teaspoons! The diet drinks are in some ways even worse- many of us already know they are loaded with chemicals, artificial flavors and colorings. And I won’t even get started on aspartame (do your research on it, but search for alternative sources because mainstream is not going to tell you the side effects). Even in the mainstream media they agree that these drinks do not bring any nutritional value. It is important to take care of the body and be conscious about what we put in it. What we eat and drink matters- on many levels. I understand that these drinks are a form of addiction to some people and they have been consuming them from childhood. Luckily my early childhood was in Russia and we didn’t really have those back then in my little town. So I grew up drinking tea mostly. But as adults I think we are very capable of addressing addictions within ourselves and clearing them. We are powerful and capable. Soda pop is not contributing to your well being. We should consume foods and drinks that are helping us heal and detox. Many good people say true beauty is on the inside, and that is definitely true, because here in LA I have seen some very physically pretty and handsome people but inside they are just mean and empty, so these type of people are not even a tiny bit attractive to me, and actually pretty repulsive. However, outside beauty is real too. Sometimes if we have darkness on the inside is shows on the outside, and unfortunately most people on this planet are dealing with internal duality. I have not met a single perfect person yet, but I believe it is possible to become perfect and angel like both inside and outside. We need to continue to purify ourselves. I have recently started meditation and purifying myself on the inside because I only want to feel joyful and calm. I do not want to get stressed out or angry-ever. I actually recently heard on one of those youtube videos that anger can cause insomnia. There are some people that really don’t care what they look like, but I believe that the majority of the people do- I mean look at how prosperous the beauty industry is on this planet. If we want to be beautiful on the outside we need to start from the inside, on both energetic and physical levels. We are in the physical plane and the physical things that we consume affect our physical body. I also don’t get why people would even want to support companies that are creating products that do not contribute to human health. Getting rid of addictions is hard, some people are able to do it instantly- like my dad went from smoking 2 packs of cigarettes a day to none. But for most of us getting rid of addictions is a gradual process, but we have to focus and keep trying every single day. One awesome part about being alive today is that we have so many options and access. We can literally go on our computer, find a product anywhere in the world, and have it delivered to our door! There are so many healthy options if you enjoy bubbly drinks. I think there is even a machine you can buy where you can make your own sparkling bubbly water and can add natural yummy flavors. And there are also many companies that create organic natural bubbly drinks.



Often times they say listen to your body, which is good advice- although if the body is out of balance, listening to its cravings may be an unwise decision. However, if your body is showing you things like skin irritations, weight gain, stomach issues, headaches, insomnia, fatigue.. it is wise to pay attention. To heal these we need to both take care of the body energetically and physically. Energetically we must relax and let go of extreme emotions and flooding thoughts. Physically we must balance hormones naturally by eating simple, whole, pure foods. No sugar, no pasta or bread things, no processed foods, and recently my body has been telling me to slowly get rid of meat (which is a strange concept for me considering my cultural upbringing). If you eat 1 or 2 fruits that is the maximum sugar dose for the day. Vegetables actually have sugar too. So the whole argument about how the brain needs sugar to function as an excuse to binge on fruit and candy is stupid since u can get your proper sugar dose from healthy foods. It is also important to be in balance with the day and night cycles and go to sleep before midnight. It seems like such a drastic lifestyle change, but it really isn’t considering most of us live in a world with so much surplus and options. You can keep lying to yourself or be completely unconscious about what is fueling these unpleasant symptoms in your body so that you can continue to eat your bread and sugar aka insulin spiking things and remain in the same health status or you can experiment with meditation and your food and maybe actually heal your body. The 8/16 meal schedule majorly helped me rid of sugar and negative carb cravings. With this collective consciousness every person affects everyone else to a certain extent. Take responsibility for your life so that you can help yourself and everyone on this planet. Although I believe in miracles and spontaneous healing, waiting around for those in a state of sadness, impatience, and frustration is probably not a good idea. Do something that other people who healed did. I am asking all those true souls who are healed enough to send protection to all souls who are on the path to healing, so that NO outside interference of black magic exists in your field and in the field of everyone who is on the path to true awakening, no matter how slow or fast they decide to awaken and take responsibility for their health. With proper protection, the speed at which you heal is up to you, and you have a lot of power when it comes to your physical and emotional reality.

Gold Power

I recently bought a face serum with real gold, so I got curious to understand why they put gold into skin care products.. Gold can brighten and calm the skin. It helps skin to maintain youthful and smooth. During the time of Cleopatra, Gold was commonly used for beautifying, rejuvenation, and curing all aspects of being.

Spiritually Gold has been used to purify and to encourage confidence, courage, determination, vitality, and creativity. It helps clear addictions to substances. Gold is believed to bring a joyful approach to life. It also symbolizes the heavenly realms and harmonizes well with diamonds and labradorite.