Tips for a Healthy Pregnancy

Pregnant women should protect themselves from wifi. Use EMF absorbent crystals like tourmaline and sodalite. Limit your time on cell phone drastically or if you can completely get rid of it for 9 months. Have your husband take your calls, lol. Get an ethernet cable for your home computer. Throw away the microwave. Avoid places that have wifi. Spend more time outdoors- just make sure when you are hanging outside you are not near cell phone towers.




True Love Purity

I am really passionate about living a pure life and I believe it is possible without all these bad drugs and medical procedures! A big part of it is about balance. And there are lots of things to balance. Please True Love God, Archangel Raphael, and Archangel Michael, help humanity to balance in True Love Celestial Beauty. True Love Balance Masculine Balance. True Love Balance Feminine Balance. Body Love Balance Activate Now! Peaceful Life Balance Activate Now! Sky and Sea Balance Activate Now! Pure Love Package Activate Now. Pure Energy Clearing Activate Now! Haha I Love This, Activate Now! True Love, Activate Now!

Amethyst in the Sea and Lavender in the Sky! Activate Now.

Lilac Blossoms, Activate Now!

I hope you enjoyed those energy activations and prayer.

It is also very important to say prayers for the children on Earth right now! Please say this prayer my friend Sarah wrote. Please say this prayer as much as possible! Thank you!

“God and God Angels, please stop and destroy all forces of evil, all black magic, alchemy and sorcery, the soulless creation, pain, trauma, mind control, all darkness, sickness, illusion, deception, insanity, pedophilia, fear, trickery and abuses of power and bring love, truth and purity to all. Help all restore faith and hope in God, truth and love. Please bring out the truth fully and expose all pedophiles and evil-doers with God wrath and bring God justice and victory to all who have been hurt. Give full God strength, vitality, support and protection to all truth and love messengers and all children of God. Purify all actions, souls, eyes and hearts to your true love. Amen.”



Photo By Liliya ❤ ❤ ❤

Bentonite Clay Body Awesomeness

I just did total body with Bentonite Clay. And I feel really good after! Looks like my skin is glowing, feels smooth and soft. I loved its effect especially on my legs! It did take off my tan a bit, so it looks like it is also an exfoliant. I mixed Bentonite Clay with apple cider vinegar. I highly recommend. I feel really cleansed and good. It is for sure a good detox from everyday illusions.
“Bentonite Clay is a unique clay due to its ability to produce an “electrical charge” when hydrated. Upon contact with fluid, its electrical components change, giving it the ability to absorb toxins. Bentonite is known for its ability to absorb and remove toxins, heavy metals, impurities, and chemicals. Healing clays like Bentonite have a high concentration of minerals including silica, calcium, magnesium, sodium, iron, and potassium. It is said to heal skin issues such as inflammation and cellulite.”


Source: Images from pinterest and quote from:

Ruby Crystal

“Ruby is believed to be a stone of nobility and purity. It is also a stone of adventure and leadership. It can amplify energy and provide a boost to Earth’s healing.  It both increases prosperity and generosity. Ruby is considered a stone of protection too and eliminates nightmares. Moreover, it helps with passion and romantic love as it brings integrity, honesty, sensuality, devotion, fidelity, and happiness. It also sends a pure energy to the heart. It assists with courage, self love, self power, and inner strength. It is a good healing crystal on all levels that helps with detoxification and promotes vitality. Star Ruby is said to have enhanced magical energies and helps integrate high energies into the body.” It helps integrate the higher self.


Think Positive Release Illusion

It is really important to think positive. Thinking positive literally changes the world for the better. When you think positive your vibration increases. If enough people raise their vibration daily it will change the weather and the way the world is. Government, financial system, and some other organizations like Monsanto and Coca Cola are not doing a good job. Things that suck so much can be labeled as dark/evil. So it is important to not let those things affect our state of being. It is possible to be in joy at all times. It is important to re-focus your attention that gives you joy. You need to believe in yourself and in good magic and in God and the angels. Now is a really important time to focus on the positives. All of the illusions are leaving the planet. The more we create joyful energy in our heart and environment the faster this purification will take place. It’s really just hanging on by a string no matter how real or powerful it might seem. Stay informed, but do not become so obsessed with a topic that it turns you into a grouch. Do something  light about it. I believe social movements make a difference in bringing people together. Just make sure you are in charge of them and are not under the control of some agenda that tries to get masses out on the streets for whatever reason. Never use violence or aggression. If someone tries to do it around you, just walk away. For the most part, you should be doing things in the positives most of the time. Thinking positive, having positive behaviors like manners and respect, kindness is positive, being gentle with yourself is a huge positive. There are soo much that you can be doing that brings you to happiness. Cleaning your room is a good thing to do. Just make sure to turn off the tv! You should watch tv consciously. In some ways TV is being used as a weapon that is energetically manipulating people to feel bad. Be smart what and how you expose yourself to information and with who. I’ve heard of a story where a women completely cured the severe anxiety she was experiencing simply by turning off the TV while she sleeps. There are a lot of energy everywhere, you have the amazing free will to choose what you want to think about and do. Don’t let tv or radio just play in the background. Watch and listen with intension. Going out in nature is a great idea, it is very cleansing.




the fox

Dance~ I’m loving Barre Class

If you want to learn to dance or enhance your dancing abilities but you are not very coordinated or do not like memorizing choreography, you should take Barre classes. I was never good at memorizing choreography, because I guess I just prefer dancing to the beat of my own drum. I tried out to cheerleading in high school and  some dance group in college and didn’t make those squads. But I know how to dance with the flow nonetheless. However, learning and developing skills is always a good idea. Barre class helps me strengthen, activate,  and define the muscles that processional dancers use, while learning a few dance moves through repetition vs. Fast pace choreography routines. I tried taking a Classical Ballet class not long ago, and although I felt somewhat graceful during it, I won’t be going back any time soon. I’m just not into memorizing dance routines at the moment. Barre however has been a great fit for me. If you have an opportunity to take it with different teachers, you should, because each one has something special to offer.

I’ve been taking Barre class about twice a week for about a month, and I am really noticing some positive results in strength and dancing abilities! Barre is a mix between Ballet, Yoga, and Pilates with weights that focus on isometric strength training combined with high repetitions. It feels amazing and helps you move your body in awesome ways.

Time Out Technique for Children

Discipline is a very important component of successful parenting. Children need and crave boundaries and a loving parent(s) who is/are in charge. I learned this technique style from Supper Nanny Joe Frost. When talking to children for this technique, remember to always get down to their level and have them look you in the face.

  1. When you see a child doing something wrong, ask them to stop. And maybe refocus them on something else.
  2. If the child does not listen give them a WARNING. “Do you understand me?”
  3. If the child still does not listen put them into a time-out-bench, time-out-step, time- out-spot, etc or put older children into the reflection room. Always explain why you put them there.
  4. Walk away. Time out time = 1 minute per age. ex. 3 years get 3 minutes. 8 Years get 8 minutes.
  5. When you come back again repeat why you put them in time out. Ask them to apologize and say sorry. “I want you to look at me and say sorry.”
  6. Hugs and kisses. The situation is resolved for the time being, do not hold on to grudges.


  1. Ask for the behavior to stop
  2. Give them warning
  3. Time out with explanation
  4. Walk away (mins)
  5. Come back, repeat explanation. Get an apology.
  6. Hugs and Kisses


Saving Money?

There are some people that believe in saving money for a “rainy day.” Basically this “rainy day” metaphor means that one should save money in case something bad happens in life.  Insurance companies often say that as they prey on people’s fears. This saving for a “rainy day” thing is one of the worst advice ever, and I got better advice.

First of all, you should always believe and expect that only good things happen and will happen to you and your loved ones. If challenges occur, deal with them in the present moment but never plan for them to happen and put aside money because you think something bad can happen. That is a classic case of a self fulfilling prophecy.

You should of course be responsible with money and it is a good idea to put some money aside if your current income allows. But never sacrifice your passions and true desires of the present moment! The financial system has actually already crashed and there is a thin veil of illusion that sort of makes it appear as if it is functioning. But definitely expect to see those student loans and other “debt” vanish and those bank accounts vanish too. That is why it is probably not a good idea to sacrifice your present day life joys so that you can look at that high number in your bank account. Enjoying life is real, that number in your bank account is not real. So while you still can, take advantage of that fake number and put that money to good use.

Definitely don’t go out and spend all your money on some crazy expensive car or other useless material things. You don’t want clutter, you don’t want to support unethical companies, and you don’t want to be wasteful. But do take that vacation asap, do join that fancy fitness club (where you can meet someone who can help you raise your wealth), do buy organic foods instead of the cheap conventional ones, do buy fresh flowers once in a while, do take that music lesson, do tip good people for good work, do pamper your girlfriend or boyfriend, etc. We are working and earning money to live in the now moment. It is okay to have a cushion in case of some random challenge (which probably won’t happen if you believe in magic and goodness) But never sacrifice your happiness in the present moment and never live in fear. Be practical, be generous, be wise. Support companies that are ethical and good to the environment and the people. Everything is going to be okay. It is going to be more than okay! It will be magical and wonderful. Stay positive and expect good things! yay!