Easing into the KonMari Perspective

Many have heard of Marie Kondo and her teachings on tidying. Her method is very helpful and inspirational. I particularly loved her folding and storage tips. However, when I read her books and saw her Netflix show, the huge amounts of discarding was a bit extreme to my perspective. I think that if an item brings some negative memory or you just intuitively feel some sort of a repulsion to an item, definitely donate or throw it out. However, I don’t feel like throwing away items that I feel neutral about. For example, I have multiples of glassware, some that I do not use. But glassware tends to break, and it is nice to have extra if that happens. I believe that instead of throwing out everything you are not using, organize it really well and don’t buy more. Use what you have and know what you have. If you have a collection of those little hotel shampoo and body washes, use them to clean the sink, bathtub, hand wash some clothes with it. You know you can also use shampoo as soap, it doesn’t always have to be some special cleaner designed especially for the bathtub, sink, etc.

Buying less is also not about hoarding money. With our current economic situation and the value of money plummeting, it may actually be a good idea to buy stuff, but they should be stuff you truly love and need, and always wanted. For example, go ahead and buy yourself that beautiful Rose, Melissa, and/or Neroli essential oil. If I am buying something, it has to be good quality. I recently started to pay attention to fabrics. It is pretty weird that so much of our clothing, bedding, etc is made of polyester. Just like I read the labels on food items, I also started reading labels on clothes. It has to be 100% cotton if I am to buy new sox or any other clothing. I also love mulberry silk, cashmere, and linen. It is also important to support ethical and humane practices if any item is made from an animal. I would not buy fur, but cashmere is when they give the sheep a haircut, so that seems pretty humane to me. The most important part about humane is how the animals live. They need to be treated kindly and live naturally, not in captivity. It is so hard to know these days where our products come from, but some companies make an effort to tell you, so do your research and always use your intuition. Plants are living things too, so farming needs to be ethical also. Our soil needs to be respected and not depleted with harmful chemicals. It is still pretty rare to find clothing that says “made from organic cotton” but hopefully in the near future this will become more common. No matter how beautiful a piece of clothing is or how good a price is for it, if it is not made of natural fabrics, I am going to pass on it. It is important to wear natural fabrics to let your skin breathe. Your skin is a very important organ and it needs to be taken care of by avoiding chemicals and synthetics. Only apply truly natural products.


True Teaching

“How can anyone recognize True knowledge if they do not have that Truth and Purity within? If there is falsehood within, they will be attracted to false knowledge. That falsehood needs to be expressed outwards and manifested, so that they can learn about it. Very few learn. The majority get tangled and traumatized with negative experiences that they manifest from within. How can anyone recognize True teaching if one is polluted and corrupt within? One cannot.” – Jivanmukti

Health and Beauty Tips

Really cold river in the Verzasca Valley, Switzerland.

COLD SHOWERS: Many people are talking about the benefits of contrast showers or cold showers or going into cold water somewhere. I started doing contrast showers this winter. It is actually easier during this time because you got the heat on at home instead of the air conditioning, so it feels better. I’ve noticed that after taking a bath in really warm water, a cold shower rinse after feels really good and is not too difficult to do. I figured out that staying consistent with doing the cold shower is all about patience. I don’t resonate with the idea of shocking the body and jumping under cold water all at once. I do it gradually. You have to be patient with your body so that each part gets used to the cold. First I take a nice warm shower and finish with a few minutes under cold water. First I put my foot under the cold water, then the other foot. Then the arm elbow to hand, and then the other arm same thing. Then entire leg, and then I turn around and let the cold water go on the back of the leg. I do one leg at a time. Then I let the cold water go on the shoulder, down the arm. Then the entire back. If it feels too cold I step away for a few seconds so that the cold water is not touching me. For some reason my stomach and chest area feels more sensitive to the cold, so if I am up for it I will cool that area last or skip it. I also only wash my hair once a week, so I will only put cold water on my head when I wash it, and I do that last. I tried to stay consistent with cold showers for many years, but did not. Recently I watched this Alex Fergus video, and the energy he shares here motivated me. I don’t do cold showers every day, I do them intuitively, which amounts to maybe a few times a week. Also it is important to have a shower filter. I use the New Wave Enviro.

SHAMPOO: To my knowledge the best and purest shampoos are sold at LivingLibations.com But I also have a few other ones that are good but not amazing, so to make them more amazing I add Rosemary essential oil to them. You can add any essential oil you love like lavender or orange. You can add several essential oils depending on your preference. But Rosemary essential oil is said to be very beneficial for the hair and scalp. You can add a bunch of drops directly to the bottle, but I like to put the shampoo in my palm and add 3 drops of the essential oil to the small portion that I’m about to use. The smell is amazing. If you have a natural conditioner which you don’t mind to let sit on your scalp for a few minutes, add essential oil to that and create a healing hair and scalp mask. Another great mask is castor oil with rosemary essential oil. Massage the oils into scalp, you can keep that mask 20 minutes or the whole day, and then wash it off with shampoo. Another random tip I discovered while listening to a podcast with Nadine Artemis is that taking a melatonin supplement makes the hair grow faster and longer. I’ve experimented with this supplement and it actually worked for me. Although I am at a point where I am no longer interested in taking supplements. I am more focused on eating healthy and only supplementing with powder forms like powdered Ashwagandha or powdered Alfalfa, etc.

LYMPHATIC MASSAGE: I really love dry brushing using a natural bristle brush before a shower. I even got a new brush several months ago that has copper bristles. It is said that as you gently brush your skin, the metal generates negative ions. Once again LivingLibations has awesome brushes. If you sign up for their newsletter or follow livinglibationsofficial and nadineartemisofficial on Instagram, you will know when they have sales. Another tip I recently learned is when you do lymphatic massage you need to do the movements to the front of the body and up towards the armpit. Kelly does a great job explaining the method and her YouTube channel has many informational videos.

DMSO: Dimethyl sulfoxide is a by-product of paper making. It comes from a substance found in wood. I’ve read a few books on it and the benefits seem pretty miraculous. I have only been using it for a short time, so I don’t have any experiential conclusions, but according to these books, it is worth to have at home. I’ve been using it for my skin, for about a month several times a week, to try and dissolve some scars and although the scars have not yet dissolved, I did notice my skin to become much smoother. With natural therapies it is all about consistency for a long period of time. It is like you have to drink water consistently to stay hydrated and you have to breathe consistency to stay alive. Before using this medicine, you have to read the books on it. The first book I actually found as an audiobook at my Library’s website called DMSO: Nature’s Healer by Dr. Morton Walker. This book was packed with so much information that I decided to buy a physical copy. I usually try to buy used books because they are cheaper and probably better for the environment. I just make sure there is no writing in them. Usually when you buy used books the seller has a short explanation of the book’s condition. The other book is called Healing with DMSO: The complete guide to safe and natural treatments for managing pain, inflammation, and other chronic ailments with dimethyl sulfoxide by Amandha Vollmer.

New Year Resolutions

An idea that recently came to me on why most people do not stick to their new year resolutions. It is because people are making them at the wrong time. Very few know about the times when it is auspicious to make changes. This modern calendar is not aligned with the natural cycles of creation. People need to understand natural cycles and tune into themselves, observe self. Auspicious times are during the new and full moon, during equinoxes, winter and summer solstice, and many other astrological events. And it is important to remember that understanding these events is not about empowering them or using them to control or manipulate reality. They are there to help us self refine and evolve in a more conscious, smoother, and healthier way.

I think that in more evolved eras, children will learn the science of astrology, and dive deeply into the type of psychology that Carl Jung studied. If you think we are living in some advanced era, I think it may be time to take another look around. Maybe take a walk down Hollywood Blvd in Los Angeles, California. Or consider how many ill people are everywhere even though there are huge amounts of resources going towards medical research. What is the result? Young people are “randomly” developing myocarditis.

Even though we are living in the age of ignorance and darkness, it does not mean that it is bad, according to Jivanmukti. Nothing should be judged, everything it is as it is. Many people know and experienced that facing pain or challenging times, allowed them to evolve exponentially faster. I think the point of living through these dark ages is to be a witness and to learn and evolve though these challenges but not to get tangled in it. But most people are tangled and believe everything the “authorities” tell them.

In ancient times, the times which are not taught in our schools, there were honorable leaders. But as the consciousness degraded, lower corrupt forms of consciousness took over power and leadership over the masses. These corrupt forms, for thousands of years, misguided humanity. Truth was hidden and all knowledge because corrupt and/or limited. I believe a huge amount of history that people are taught has been altered and even fabricated. Even religious scriptures like the Bible have been manipulated. Although there are fragments of truth in all things, the problem is that it is in bits and pieces and not complete, and many things are fabricated. Plus the bits of truth that remain are concealed and in parables that most can not interpret. Black magic and manipulation is inserted into religious rituals. For example, a religions practice of circumcision.. They give you compelling reasons why. And many people are so passionate about it and celebrate it. But if you step back and take a deep breath and use your natural intellect, you may begin to wonder.. How is this strange ritual affecting the baby? Does the pain that is inflicted on the baby create trauma? The vulnerable baby is 100 percent reliant on his mother and caretakers and these people submit the baby to this pain? Does it create a subconscious distrust in caretakers? etc etc. Carl Jung’s work may possibly help bring some clarity to the topic of the unconscious mind. The subconscious mind is a pretty powerful force in our life btw. All these strange rituals have been inserted into religious text by the corrupt forms, but for some reason very few people question them. Maybe cognitive dissonance happens because it is quite difficult to accept the fact that what a person believed for so many years could have been a lie. I feel that is why so many mainstream doctors get so aggressive when presented with evidence on how people can be healed naturally. It is hard to come to terms that the career they spent so much time and energy towards is corrupted and pretty much a lie.

People say that history is written by the victors. And those corrupt victors write history to ensure their power and control. Few people these days are connecting the dots to see what is what and who is who in these modern days. The ego’s grip is strong in most people and they can not come to terms that maybe who they voted for fooled them, and maybe that medical procedure that covered up the symptoms, hurt them in the long term. For many people it is painful to be wrong so they choose to prolong suffering to be right. Many of us became aware of the blatant fake news over the last several years. But what makes people believe that fake news has not existed for thousands of years? For example, another thing I question is why did that guy called King James authorize a new version of the Bible? Was he some holy person who has the ability to do so? Did he simply change the style of language or was knowledge removed or added? Why not just teach people to understand ancient language from the original version? And where is the most original version? In the basement of the Vatican out of reach..? Jordan Maxwell said that King James was evil. Jordan also said that Jesus did not exist and that what they talked about was the SUN not the SON. I however believe Jesus existed, and others like him like Siddha Patanjali, Lao Tzu, Siddha Bogar, etc. We can all believe of disbelieve whatever we want. But at the end of the day, there is no real way to check. And hallucination does not count as a way of checking. The best way to find truth is to connect to your inner being, sober, and listen to the silent whispers of your soul. Continue to purify your body, eat only natural organic foods, and evolution goes on one way or another. Blessings.

Healing with Light

I recently decided to get a few more advanced quality red light and near infrared light devices for my daily routines. A while ago I bought a red light bulb that emits 660nm wavelength. Although I’ve had this bulb for several years, only recently did I start using it daily while I sit down for a Kriya meditation. After noticing some nice results, I decided to take advantage of the Thanksgiving sales and acquire a table-top panel that includes both red (660nm) and infrared (850nm) wavelengths. Infrared light is invisible btw. So basically these wavelengths are mimicking sunlight, especially morning sunlight which tends to be more concentrated with red light wavelengths. Red lights is meant to penetrate the surface level of the skin and improve collagen, wound healing, etc. Infrared light is supposed to penetrate deeper into the tissues and help with issues deeper in the body. Many athletes use these wavelengths both as a prep before exercise or competition and after for recovery.

When I am interested in a topic I dive deep into research and let my intuition guide me. So far I am impressed with the information and resources shared by a guy Alex Fergus. As I looked into various blogs and interviews I’ve learned that the benefits of this light therapy are backed up by a significant amount of scientific research for over 30 years with thousands of studies.

Research has shown that light therapy stimulates the cells to create more energy which is called ATP and helps bring more oxygen to body tissues. The increased energy production in the body leads to an improvement in general wellness, creation of more collagen, reduction in inflammation, greater overall energy, more calm, improved sleep, etc.

It is said that the absorption of the healing light is improved after a person takes a cold shower or puts ice on the part of the body before directing the light to that part.

There are some studies showing that shining the light on the lower back may benefit the entire body. There are also skin beauty studies done where the light was shined on half of the face, but although the other half did not get the direct light, it still benefited. So the light is distributed throughout the body, and it seems that the lower back area is a good place to direct this light. On a side note, when researching healing with essential oils, many therapists suggest putting essential oils on the spine, especially the lower back area…

Like with most natural therapies that don’t make the pharmaceutical companies rich, there is not too much of a variety of research. There are conflicting views on the effects of near infrared on the eyes. Since near infrared penetrates deep into the tissues, there is some uncertainly of the long term effects on the eyes. Some say it is healing to the eyes, others say better safe than sorry since there are no long term studies yet. So for example if you are shining the light on your back, you don’t need to wear eye protection, but if you are shining the light on your face, you may want to consider wearing goggles. Although the people who I have watched discussing this therapy say that they do not use the goggles, even when using the light on their face… they said that they either just close their eyes or turn their face away… For now I decided to use the goggles, that were provided with my panel, when I direct the light to my face, but I don’t use them if I am directing the light to my back.

There are other places where the light can be shined strategically. For example: back of the knees, behind the ears to help the vagus nerve, on the lymph nodes at various points of the body, joints, meridians, etc. Many people use this therapy for pain relief and report significant benefits.

Some important things to consider with light therapy also known as photobiomodulation is exposure. Just like anything, you do not want overexposure. Even too much water can be harmful to the body. Since many of the devices are pretty powerful, the manufacturers are building them with fans. If someone is concerned with things like EMF and one should be, one should know that according to some engineers, the fans are creating a magnetic field. Before purchasing anything we should do research, find honest reviews etc. Many light therapy companies do their best to minimize EMFs, but one thing we can do is incorporate crystals. Crystals are used in technology for various reasons, and you can use these beautiful mineral gifts from nature to protect yourself from EMFs. Shungite is probably the best EMF shield to my current knowledge, but black Tourmaline, Amazonite, Lepidolite, Sodalite, and Aventurine are great too. There are many more crystals that protect to various degrees, but these ones are my favorite at the moment. I have a few Shungite tiles and pyramids that I place around my devices. You may also wear crystal bracelets, pendants, etc. Also, when you are no longer using your devices, unplug them from the wall. I actually unplug everything including all lamps in the bedroom before I go to sleep. And unplug your WiFi too.

When it comes to light therapy, it does not mean heat therapy. Many companies these days are competing with each other and creating red light and infrared light devices that are more and more powerful. But more is not always better. You don’t want to overheat your skin with these devices. So a recommended dose from a panel would be no more than 15 minutes, and if you are applying light directly to the skin with some of the portable devices, you only need 1 or 2 minutes. You want to feel a subtle warmth but not heat. So with the bigger panels you may want to sit or stand further away. An issue that arises is that our skin’s protective mechanism reflects light. If you are outside all day, this is great, but if you are sitting at home all day and want that deeper light penetration from a device, then you must consider ways to optimize absorption. The further you stand away from the light the less it penetrates. A solution could actually be to get a less powerful device that does not heat up so that you can be closer to it without the risk of overheating. And again, research has shown that cooling an area to be treated with light actually increases light absorption.

Click on the screen shot image to go to Jivanmukti’s Channel

When I connect knowledge that I’ve received, the body cooling to absorb more light makes sense. In her book, Siddha Param Para The Key To Bio-Spiritual Immortality, Jivanmukti writes that after a true conscious awakening our glands become activated, metabolism increases, and body temperature lowers. When we contemplate the idea of enlightenment, it means containing more light in the body. So as Jivanmukti discusses the lowering of body temperature as a result of becoming more enlightened, it seems to relate with the idea of cooling the body before engaging with the red and infrared light devices to enhance the absorption. Since people these days spend over 90% of their time indoors, we need to figure out how to get more light into the body. Meditation is the key. When we turn our focus within we charge ourselves instead of sending our conscious energy elsewhere. So when you pay attention to something or someone, know that you are giving them your energy. When you pay attention within yourself, you are charging yourself with your conscious energy. So it must all begin with conscious awareness and turning it within. However, there are technologies that can help support us on the path to self realization, healing and “superpower” activation. Today we call it “superpower” because we have been so disconnected from our true selves that we have completely forgot what our potential is. In the Bible it is says that God created man in his image. In reality all these abilities described in scriptures are natural and normal for everyone once they become an evolved human Being. Jesus tried to teach his disciples to perform the same miracles as he did, but they just didn’t have enough faith in themselves and were not able to contain that light. People project their power outwards to this day, instead of cultivating it within. Man-made technology these days can not replicate nature created by Higher Conscious Awareness, but it has potential to help.

Humans can mimic nature and concentrate certain healing wavelengths to help themselves stay healthy. It would be great if we all lived in perfect weather conditions where it is not too cold or too hot and always sunny. But many people, especially in the northern hemisphere lack a significant amount of natural light during the winter season. We should always strive to stay healthy and to gain more energy, (but not through vampirism because that will have negative consequences). With more energy that we create honestly we gain more time aka health, and with more time aka longevity, we gain a longer opportunity to learn and evolve the soul in this physical reality. And evolution of the soul is the main reason why we are on this planet. As a collective consciousness, we are very very far from a higher evolved state of being. We are actually at the pinnacle of a very degraded consciousness. All the sciences are corrupt and limited. Limited does not mean totally false. There are bits of truth everywhere. Even what people consider as evil and whose goal is to divide and create hierarchy has some truth to offer. It is the concept of Yin Yang. Our schools, religious organizations, and governments have agendas that are to benefit the few and limit the many, etc. The truth is only available in bits. Even the ancient scriptures have been re-told and re-written with a lot of true knowledge lost and hidden. The task for us is to evolve our conscious power and intuition to have the ability to detect falsehood from truth. We and our ancestors allowed this, so there is no reason to complain and nurture the victim and scarcity consciousness. We simply need to roll up our sleeves, take responsibility for our manifestation, discipline ourselves, and refine little but little every single day out of the Iron Age towards the Golden Age era 🙂

Back to light therapy haha: After some research I decided to get more devices with a variety of wavelengths. Although technology can never replace nature, and it is still important to do heliotherapy when weather permits, it makes sense that if you are trying to mimic sunlight, that you would include as many healing wavelengths as possible that are found in natural light. So I also got a device that contains 460nm Blue, 590nm Yellow, 630nm Red, 660nm Red, 850nm Near-Infrared, 940nm Near-Infrared. As well as an 810nm which research shows to be beneficial for the brain. And 670nm may support eye health. Each wavelength has something special to offer for specific parts of the body and issues. So besides getting the larger table top panel, I also got portable devices so that it would be easier to target smaller parts of the body, for example a specific lymph node. I think light therapy is a very interesting approach to healing (and in this toxic world we all need healing even if we do everything right and feel alright). Unfortunately we can not escape from the toxins in the air, the off-gassing in the furniture, stratospheric aerosol injections, etc. So to maintain health one must always detox. That is why it is so difficult for me to understand why adults, knowing that this world is toxic, continue to nurture their addictions and live in ignorance as they eat processed foods, drink alcohol, take drugs legal and illegal, and overdose on sugar and high glycemic foods and spray their homes and their body with toxic synthetic fragrances. We have enough things to detox from that we can’t control, why to overstimulate and overload the body with things that we can?

Anyways, on a quantum level our bodies are made of light matter, so it only makes sense that light therapy is a more natural and appropriate approach to healing and maintaining health. Spending an appropriate amount of time in the sun should always be the primary way we charge ourselves, because there is most certainly healing light that science has not yet discovered. I am still learning about light therapy and only recently began using it consistently on myself. I will continue to share my findings and experience as I get more inner knowledge and inspiration to share. Take care of your physical body by balancing your emotional body and refining your subtle energy body. Your body and health is the most precious thing you have on this earth. Without the body you would not be here and would not be able to enjoy all the nice things this life has to offer.

Click on image to watch red light therapy November news report.

Carl Jung Wisdom

“There is a web (metaphor) of the divine order that runs through the external world, unrecognized, unappreciated, undiscovered, but it is there. But under certain strange circumstances, portions of the web come out and are in your awareness and consciousness.” – Carl Jung

“Scientists have to admit that they do not know what lights is. They can say only that in certain experimental conditions it seems to consist of particles, while in other experimental conditions, it seems to consist of waves. But what it is, in itself, is not known.” -Carl Jung.

Essential Oil Wisdom

There are so many ways one can use essential oils. One way to incorporate them is to add a drop of high quality food grade essential oil to tea or to a teaspoon of honey. When you add an essential oil to hot tea, you can hold the cup up and inhale the beautiful aroma. Enjoy some moments of aromatherapy before your warming sips. When you relax and really take the time to inhale the essential oils over and over again, you begin to really get to know it. As you take time to focus on the aroma, you begin to perceive the subtle nuances and how the aroma changes over time. Then you may perceive how it affects your being on a mental, emotional, and physical level. These concentrated little drops are truly a blessing to the world.

Physical & Emotional Transformation

I have been cultivating my conscious focus according to ancient wisdom. Ancient scriptures say that it is important to cultivate equanimity through constant focus within. Although my mind wanders often, I am becoming more and more aware of its patterns and continuously bring it back to my breath. I enjoy focusing on my breath during walks outside for example, and really anytime I remember. I’ve been listening to a girl, Jivanmukti who puts out videos on YouTube. These videos provide knowledge and helpful reminders through words, but also I sense that her transmissions are beyond words and are helping me evolve on a subtle level. She wrote awesome books that I read a little bit of each night, called Siddha Param-Para The Key to Bio-Spiritual Immortality. The knowledge she shares teaches us to be the masters of ourselves and to heal and transform ourselves. When it comes to transformation, it should never be forced or artificial. As we gain more and more conscious awareness, the physical reality will transform naturally. Suppressing or ignoring symptoms is probably not going to lead to healing or evolution, so one should be aware of this before they take any medication. If something is causing you pain, find the root of the problem and stop doing it. Discipline yourself. Another thing that I recently realized is that it is healing to talk with your body. You don’t have to do it outloud, but if you know you did something you shouldn’t have and are experiencing some kind of pain, say to your body, “I am sorry I consumed that beverage or food, or activated negative emotions by interacting with that negative person, etc. Please forgive me. I love you. Thank you for all that you do for me.” Or something along those lines. This is the Ho’oponopono method. It is an ancient spiritual practice that helps heal all things by accepting responsibility. You may also do a healing meditation, where you sit with a nice posture, relax, and direct your focus on an organ or any part of your body that you would like to balance. Breathe deeply and gently place your hands and gently tap that area. EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) is also helpful in releasing congested negative energy such as guilt, shame, resentment, etc. You may research the different acupressure points and write your own phrases to say or say them spontaneously as they come to mind while tapping these points. Pay close attention to your cravings and reactions during the moon cycles and other astrological events. During the new moon and full moon, we tend to crave more and be more emotionally imbalanced. We should not empower these events, but we should pay attention to where we are at, learn about our inclinations and evolve beyond it all to a more pure and clear state of being. A Being that is powerful, neutral, calm, vibrant, healthy, and non violent. The powerful pure Being does not have cravings, it does not get disturbed, it does not allow the outside world to dictate how to feel and be. It is wholesome, youthful, and content at all times.



A quick way to experience the healing benefits of botanicals is in the shower. Plug your bathtub and add a cup of Epsom salt and 5-10 drops of an organic essential oil like Lavender, Eucalyptus, Tea Tree, etc. As you shower, the essential oil evaporates and creates a spa vibe atmosphere. This is an easy way to incorporate aromatherapy into everyday living. Essential oils don’t just smell nice, they are potent and powerful. Check out some books on their benefits like Renegade Beauty by Nadine Artemis or Advanced Aromatherapy by Kurt Schnaubelt. Besides putting a few drops into the shower you may use a diffuser, salt pipe, or create beauty products by mixing essential oils with carrier oils like Jojoba or Tamanu.