Victorious Heart

Jordan Maxwell, Scholar, Researcher, Truth Seeker

Cathy O’Brian Story


Social Media Alternatives

Numerical Information

Guided Meditations on itunes


Essential Oils- Miracle Botanicals in Hawaii 


Spirit Animals:

Online Courses

Guitar Chords

Click to access Jamorama%20Chord%20Book.pdf

Divine Blessings Academy

Protection with Light



Earth Power Centers

Abs & Core

Nadine Artemis teaches on Sun and Sunscreen


Here is another girl Angelica who has a similar lifestyle. This is a nice video she made.

Will Disruptive Innovations Cure Health Care?

Article by Clayton M. Christensen, Richard Bohmer, and John Kenagy
Harvard Business Review


Life is Your Party…With A Little Pixie Dust by Sarah Vargo

Positive Discipline by Jane Nelsen

Turning the Mind Into an Ally by Sakyong Mipham and Pema Chodron

Love is in the Earth: A Kaleidoscope of Crystals – The Reference Book Describing the Metaphysical Properties of the Mineral Kingdom

Bringers of the Dawn by Barbara Marciniak

Coming Home to Lemuria by Charmian Amarea Kumara Redwood

Eating for Beauty by David Wolfe

Yoga for Emotional Balance by Bo Forbes

Life on the Color Line: The True Story of a White Boy Who Discovered He Was Black

Teachings on Love by Thich Nhat Hanh

Fresh Vegetable Juices by Dr.N.W. Walker

A Happy Pocket Full of Money: Infinite Wealth and Abundance in the Here and Now 


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