About Liliya

_NSP3559My personal mission statement is to collaborate with passionate professionals and scholars who strive to make the world a place of love, light, purity, bliss, joy, peace, justice, and integrity where people have a fair opportunity to live a healthy life and to attain self-actualization. I also intend to contribute to the healing of this planet and its ecosystems. I am passionate about nature, child welfare, nutrition, crystals, reiki, hiking, and yoga. Now is the most auspicious moment for us to make positive change. 

I was born in Ukraine and I speak fluent in Russian. I lived in Chicago for many years and now I am in the city of angels, Los Angeles. Furthermore, I got a bachelors in Psychology and a minor in Spanish from the University of Illinois in Champaign-Urbana. I was also in the Chi Omega Sorority there! Each year our sorority sisters worked hard to raise tens of thousands of dollars for the Make-A-Wish Foundation! During my time at U of I, I studied abroad in Lueven, Belgium; Shanghai, China; Rome, Italy; and Barcelona, Spain. Besides my study abroad trips, I have traveled through Switzerland, Honduras, Rotan, Mallorca, Ukraine, Russia, Germany, France, Monaco, Netherlands (Amsterdam),  Mexico, Bahamas, Greek Islands (Naxos & Santorini).

Later I decided to go to grad school at the University of Chicago to get my masters degree in The School of Social Service Administration. I learned about social issues, the non profit sector, and was given strategic tools to achieve human justice through observation, implementation, and communication.

During my undergraduate times I had an internship at the Cunningham Children’s Home. It is a place where children who have been hurt come to recover. There I assessed risk factors, designed an interactive project, and composed a case study. I also held groups and administered therapeutic assignments for the self empowerment of children with developmental psychopathology such as bi-polar, depression, ADHD, and schizophrenia.

In between undergrad and grad school I worked at a nursing home called The Arlington Rehabilitation and Living  Center. There I managed a case load of 40 elderly patients. Being the connecting communication piece between the clients and all the other departments like dietary, nursing, administrative, etc. I often interacted with physicians and psychiatrists, sometimes to translate for the Russian speaking clients. It was a very difficult job seeing people in pain and then getting worse. However, if the vibrational energy of that place was higher, people would recover rather than go on a decline, as I witnessed. From personal experience, I have noticed that most mainstream healthcare facilities and systems operate at a low frequency that creates health problems. Additionally, I also drove a bus there!  I used the bus machinery to get clients in and out of the vehicle with their wheelchairs; that was quite an interesting responsibility- and we had fun! I turned on the music and everyone was joyful!

IMG_5004While I was in Graduate School at the University of Chicago I was working at several jobs:

Kids In Danger: I wrote eye-catching communications materials including, newsletters, data reports, and other visual media in efforts to educate the public on child product safety. Moreover, I also managed volunteer responsibilities and coordinated KID’s annual fundraising event. I composed outreach letters to private donors, small businesses, large corporations, and politicians in efforts to raise funds for the organization.

My collaborative work on child product safety has also been published in Clinical Pediatrics, on rare-earth magnet ingestion by children.

Illinois Collaboration on Youth/Youth Network Council:  I represented the organization at policy forums, meetings, and committees working to make a positive impact on youth in the juvenile justice system and overall child welfare. Additionally, I researched trauma informed best practices and worked with a team to finalize a related grant.

The Morton School Based Health Center: I conducted research and implemented curricula for adolescent groups on various topics relevant to high school students such as nutrition. Developed a project in prevention and treatment of STIs in collaboration with a registered nurse, a clinical social worker, and a lead physician. Managed a group of student health ambassadors in executing the project.

IMG_5679I AM grateful to my higher self and all my Teachers, Ascended Masters for this high frequency information that I am teaching. We all help one another, it is symbiotic. I have been blessed to be given such a speedy awakening so that I can share all this awesomeness through my cosmic vessel.

I am very blessed and grateful for all the experiences that I have had. As my journey unfolded I understood that becoming an entrepreneur and breaking out of the matrix was for my highest good. Currently I am working on various holistic projects. I am writing children’s book, beauty guide, and food alchemy recipe book. I am also creating energy alchemy such as the Pure Love Package, crystal therapy, designing Crystal Jewelry, aromatherapy, feng shui, Oracle/Tarot Card Readings, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), recording guided meditations, and channeling Reiki Universal life force energy to clear, balance, and activate the chakras. Check out my Reiki Master/ Teacher Certificate

In no particular order things I am interested in are:

  • Child Welfare
  • Environmental Justice
  • Nutrition
  • Crystals
  • Reiki
  • Consciousness
  • Bodies of water like Seas, Lakes, Oceans, and Rivers.
  • Angelic Realm, Mermaids, Fairies
  • Meditation
  • Photography
  • Music
  • Nature
  • Quantum Physics
  • Astronomy
  • Astrology
  • Chinese Animal Calendar
  • Philosophy
  • Yoga
  • Hiking
  • Travel

Contact me at: lshmuy2@gmail.com

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