Clear Addictions and Be Beautiful Inside and Outside


If you want to feel and look good, I believe it is necessary to stop drinking fake beverages. There are no health benefits in artificial sodas. The regular ones have about 40 grams of sugar! that is 10 teaspoons! The diet drinks are in some ways worse- many of us already know they are loaded with chemicals, artificial flavors and colorings. And I won’t even go into aspartame (do your research on it. Search on alternative sources because mainstream is not going to tell you the truth in this day and age). It is important to take care of the body and be conscious about what we ingest. What we eat and drink matters- on many levels. I understand that these drinks are a form of addiction to some people that they have been consuming since childhood. As adults I think we are capable of addressing addictions within ourselves and clearing them. We are powerful and capable. Soda pop is not contributing to your well being. We should only consume foods and drinks that are helping us heal and detox. Many people say true beauty is on the inside, and that is definitely true, but outside beauty is a reflection of what’s inside (some of the time). Sometimes if we have darkness and pollution on the inside is shows on the outside. Unfortunately most people on this planet are dealing with internal duality. I have not met a single perfect person yet, but I believe that with constant refinement it is possible to become divinely perfect both inside and outside. We need to continue to purify ourselves. I have recently started meditation and purifying myself in all ways. I declutter my home, I release invasive thoughts with meditation and self awareness, I consume simple and pure foods. I do this because I want to return to the natural being. Getting rid of addictions is hard. Some people are able to do it instantly-  But for most of us getting rid of addictions is a gradual process, and we have to focus and keep trying every single day. Also, when it comes to food, there are so many healthy options available. If you like bubbly drinks, there is a machine you can buy where you can make your own sparkling water and flavor it with natural yummy flavors like edible essential oils. And there are also many companies that create organic natural bubbly drinks.


Often times they say listen to your body, which is good advice- although if the body is out of balance, listening to cravings may be an unwise decision. Notice if your body is showing you reactions like skin irritations, weight gain, stomach issues, headaches, insomnia, fatigue, etc.. and then make positive healthy changes. To heal, we need to both take care of the body energetically and physically. Energetically we must relax and let go of extreme emotions and flooding thoughts. Physically we must detox, balance hormones naturally by eating simple, whole, and pure foods. No sugar, no pasta or bread items, no processed foods, etc. Recently my body has been telling me to slowly get rid of meat (which is a strange concept for me considering my cultural upbringing). Also, if you eat 1 or 2 fruits per day, that should be the maximum sugar dose. The whole argument about how the brain needs sugar to function as an excuse to binge on candy is ignorant because you only need a small dose of natural unprocessed sugar. 2 or 3 teaspoons a day of honey for example is a maximum dose. It is also important to be in balance with the day and night cycles and go to sleep before midnight.  You can keep lying to yourself or be completely unconscious about what is fueling the unpleasant symptoms in your body so that you can continue to eat your bread and sugar aka insulin spiking items and remain in a declining health or you can discipline yourself and experiment with meditation and pure simple food. The 8/16 meal schedule, (where you let your digestive system rest for 16 hours and consume food in an 8 hour window) helped me rid of sugar and negative carb cravings. I eat from noon to 8pm, sometimes until 6pm. In the morning I just drink pure water. Take responsibility for your life so that you can help yourself and as a result everyone around will benefit. Although I believe in miracles and spontaneous healing, waiting around for those to happen in a state of sadness, pain. impatience, and frustration is probably not a wise idea. Do something that other people who healed did. I am asking all those true evolved souls who are healed enough to send protection to all souls who are on the path to healing. So that no negative outside interference exists in your field and in the field of anyone who is on the path to true awakening, no matter how slow or fast they decide to awaken and take responsibility for their health. With proper protection, the speed at which you heal is up to you, and you have a lot of power when it comes to your physical and emotional reality.


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