Clear Addictions to Soda Pop- Coke, Sprite, etc. Be Beautiful Inside and Outside



If you hope to feel and look good, I believe it is necessary to stop drinking these fake beverages. There are no health benefits in these. The regular ones have about 40 grams of sugar! that is 10 teaspoons! The diet drinks are in some ways even worse- many of us already know they are loaded with chemicals, artificial flavors and colorings. And I won’t even get started on aspartame (do your research on it, but search for alternative sources because mainstream is not going to tell you the side effects). Even in the mainstream media they agree that these drinks do not bring any nutritional value. It is important to take care of the body and be conscious about what we put in it. What we eat and drink matters- on many levels. I understand that these drinks are a form of addiction to some people and they have been consuming them from childhood. Luckily my early childhood was in Russia and we didn’t really have those back then in my little town. So I grew up drinking tea mostly. But as adults I think we are very capable of addressing addictions within ourselves and clearing them. We are powerful and capable. Soda pop is not contributing to your well being. We should consume foods and drinks that are helping us heal and detox. Many good people say true beauty is on the inside, and that is definitely true, because here in LA I have seen some very physically pretty and handsome people but inside they are just mean and empty, so these type of people are not even a tiny bit attractive to me, and actually pretty repulsive. However, outside beauty is real too. Sometimes if we have darkness on the inside is shows on the outside, and unfortunately most people on this planet are dealing with internal duality. I have not met a single perfect person yet, but I believe it is possible to become perfect and angel like both inside and outside. We need to continue to purify ourselves. I have recently started meditation and purifying myself on the inside because I only want to feel joyful and calm. I do not want to get stressed out or angry-ever. I actually recently heard on one of those youtube videos that anger can cause insomnia. There are some people that really don’t care what they look like, but I believe that the majority of the people do- I mean look at how prosperous the beauty industry is on this planet. If we want to be beautiful on the outside we need to start from the inside, on both energetic and physical levels. We are in the physical plane and the physical things that we consume affect our physical body. I also don’t get why people would even want to support companies that are creating products that do not contribute to human health. Getting rid of addictions is hard, some people are able to do it instantly- like my dad went from smoking 2 packs of cigarettes a day to none. But for most of us getting rid of addictions is a gradual process, but we have to focus and keep trying every single day. One awesome part about being alive today is that we have so many options and access. We can literally go on our computer, find a product anywhere in the world, and have it delivered to our door! There are so many healthy options if you enjoy bubbly drinks. I think there is even a machine you can buy where you can make your own sparkling bubbly water and can add natural yummy flavors. And there are also many companies that create organic natural bubbly drinks.



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