Tea Bath

I have been focusing on decluttering my home; buying less and actually enjoying using what I already own. During my kitchen clean up I found a stash of all these amazing teas in the back of the cupboard. The reason they were back there is because I’ve had them for over 5 years but they haven’t wanted to throw them out because I’ve collected these really high quality loose leaf teas from all over Europe. I’m not sure why I didn’t drink them all those years but now, like I’ve mentioned earlier, I’m focusing on not over buying. I did some online research and saw that some people say tea shelf life is 36 months while others say teas don’t really expire but over time lose flavor. I smelled my teas and they all looked and smelled great, but after over 5 years of storage I didn’t feel comfortable drinking them so I decided to start making baths! And what a great idea this was. I would use the entire package of tea, make 3 big pots of it, and pour it into the bathtub. I use a strainer so that the tea leaves stay out of the bath to avoid clogging. I prepare the tea how they usually recommend by steeping it for 5 or so minutes, I would just make a huge amount of it. I also added sea salt to the bath. So far I’ve done a rooibos tea bath which made my skin really soft, and a green tea bath which made my skin so dewy and amazing. Green tea is super magical! Use it a lot. Drink it, make baths with it, make ice cubes with it and melt them on your face. SO good! I don’t like wasting things so this was a little idea that turned out to be a new beauty routine for the future. Yay.


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