Crystal Design

1959524_10104809292336420_42193634149032576_nToday was a fun day. I woke up at 6:20am and was walking in Hollywood watching the sunrise at 7:11am. I hung out with a girl named Shamrock and she lives with a dog named Lucky. She asked me to make a bracelet for her best friend who is having some trouble. She wanted a design for the sign Pisces, that will help to focus, have protection from negative energy, and help with healthy relationships.

So for this design I am thinking water, blues, and greens. Blue as a water sign harmonizing with Pisces energy and also blue is associated with archangel Michael, who is a protection angel. Then smokey quartz for energetic protection. Amazonite to invoke divine feminine energy for women. Rose Quartz included because it inspires loving relationships with self and others.



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