Yoga Daily

So I realized that my body is so sneaky. Every time I introduce it to something that’s good for it, it likes it, and then complains when I don’t do this ‘good for the body thing’. My body also complained when I was drinking alcohol, and so I stopped drinking alcohol completely. Amethyst (February birth stone) helps release addictions. I still cherish the University of Illinois fraternity/sorority parties! Well as an Aquarius, we really like to learn new things, so I decided to have new experiences. Now I guess my body wants to experience a dedication or focus on yoga and healthy things, including love. I also love the stair master, weight lifting- especially bench press and quad and hamstring machines. Hiking in nature and climbing rocks up a canyon or mountain is awesome too. Then you can jump into the mountain river as displayed in the picture below.


 hanging at verzasca valley switzerland

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