Positive Affirmations for Health and Beauty


“I restore my natural cranial resonance to Universal resonance , ignoring all interference from electromagnetic stress, and any negative belief systems I hold.”

“In artificial light conditions, I enhance the restricted light range to the spectrum of natural sunlight by drawing the missing elements from the Zero Point Field.”

“I correct the balance and volume of my ions to maintain a perfect alkaline/acid balance in all of my bodily systems”.

“I produce Gulonolactone Oxidase to complete the enzyme conversion of blood glucose to vitamin C”.

“I absorb all necessary vitamins, minerals, amino acids, essential fatty acids, fluids and cells salts at optimum levels, I draw the vibration from any missing nutrients from the Zero Point Field”.

“I optimise my homocysteine levels by using the vibration of folic acid, vitamins B6 and B12, ensuring the complete conversion of the amino acid methionine to cysteine”.

“I build an organic sheath around high voltage/amperage in any part of my body where it must be isolated away from bio-electromagnetic energy at low voltage and low amperage”.

“I isolate my physical and energetic body at all levels and dimensions from the negative influences from man made electromagnetic energy of any type.”

“I have vibrational harmony within all my atoms of my body, across all dimensions.”

“I remove all emotional blocks that inhibit the communication between my DNA and the crystalline lattice around it.”

“I restore the right spin of my cells to aid the healing process and the correct function of my sodium potassium pump. ”

“I eliminate excessive nitrogen from my body to optimise internal gases and allow perfect photosynthesis within my cells.” My cells to be stimulated in the ratio Hydrogen *5, Nitrogen *1, Oxygen *3, Carbon *3. ”

Source: http://www.quantumk.co.uk/quantumk_video.htm


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