Pure Love Activate Now


These energies are programmed with intentions to purify your energetic and physical bodies, the emotional body, the subconscious mind, the conscious mind, and your aura as well as the entire planet. Water, Earth, Air, Fire, & Ether- Times infinity to every electron and subatomic particles to the infinity of time and in all dimensions (including the violet flame and white fire). Furthermore, these energies are infused with rain including lavender rain and crystal waters, in particular Clear Quartz, Amethyst, and Rose Quartz. Also, infused with high vibrational harmonic sound frequencies, white roses, and diamonds. Please say them out loud or in your head and send them to yourself, your family & friends, the entire planet Earth, Venus, Purity, the entire Universe, God. The more you send these energies to the collective the better they will work for you. It is free and only takes an instant thought to generate powerful results. You may simply say Pure Love Package, Activate Now and Forever. The Pure Love Package includes the energies listed.


Pure Love Package, Activate Now & Forever

*Master Power Flame of Such Diamond Shining Purity, activate Now

*The Three Signature Cells, activate now

*Crystalline White Light, activate now

*I Love Pure Water, activate  now

*Inhale Spring, activate now

*Sacred Geometry Snowflakes, activate now

*Pure Love Rain, activate now

*California Tree Agate Rain and Rainbows, Activate now

*Big Family of Love, Activate now and forever

*Violet Water Drops, activate now

*Pure Waterfall, activate now

*Pure Mind Pearl, activate now

*Lumina Pearl, Activate now

*feng shui life, activate now

 *Pituitary Pearl Gland, activate now

*Purifying Indigo Crystal Harmony, activate now

*White Water Lily, activate now

*Mother’s Pink Lily, activate now

*White Rose Petals, activate now

*Tooth Decay Arrest, activate now

*Helichrysum Immortelle, activate now

*Crystal Clear, activate now

*Pure Breath, Activate now

*Peach Heart, Activate now

*Purple Violet Lavender, activate now

*Rainbow pearl, activate now

*Rose Quartz Beauty Essence, activate now

*Gentle Amethyst Healing, activate now

*Pink Diamonds, activate now

*Dove Grace, Activate now

Sacred Fire Love to Total Twin Flame Reunions on Earth, Activate Now and Forever

*Shimmering White Light Power Diamonds, activate now

*Sodalite, Aventurine, Tourmaline, Amezonite, Aquamarine, Activate (shields against radiation, electromagnetic pollution)

*Green Chlorophyll Love frequency detox, activate now

*Holistic Health Toolbox, Activate now (Clears, Balances, Harmonizes with Grace all the bodies, physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, etheric. Infused with EFT and grounding crystals, plus amethyst, carnelian, and Aqua Aura quartz).

*Twin Flame Reunion, activate now

* Carnation Truth & Fidelity, activate now

*Sapphire Love Pebble, Activate now

*True Loyalty, Activate now

*Never ending Love & Energy, activate now

*Eternal Youth & Earthly Longevity, activate now

* Protein NAD Health (Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide), Activate Now

*Tuned & Toned, Activate now

*Guitar Harmony Body, Activate now

*Impeccable, Activate now

*Brain On, Activate now

*Wise Desicions, Activate now

* Love & Wisdom, Activate now

*Heart On, Activate now

*Longevity Blast, Activate now

*Pineal Gland Purification Blast, Activate now

*Rainbow Light Truth Activate Now and forever (why do people think rainbows are beautiful? because it is the truth. Light is truth.)

*Kidney Healing, Activate now

*higher love, activate now

*Positive Change, activate now

*Uranus Freedom, activate now

*True Freedom and Liberty, activate now

*Violet Tiger, activate now

*Sapphire Prosperity, Activate Now (eliminates frustration and fulfills dreams of the consciousness as it radiates energy without conscious initiation).

*Rose Pink Sky, activate (Valentine’s Day energy).

* Pure Life, Activate now (2 purposes, one is to save lives and the other is to be like floating beautiful flowers, lovely environments and having a career that makes life sweet).

*Purity Pill, Activate Now (protects and cancels negative effects from pharmaceutical and street drug toxicity).

*Mainstream deception Shield, Activate now

* corrupt healthcare system and financial system Dismantling, activate now

*True and Pure Healthcare, Activate now

*Gaia Natural Healing, Activate Now

*White light crystal waters  activate now

*Violet light crystal waters activate now

You may view an additional Purity Channeling where they explain how you can cleanse your 3 signature cells for a flawless & ageless physical body with her Master Power Flame of Such Diamond Shining Purity.



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