Characteristics of a Warrior According to a Yaqui Indian

castenadaseprealitypb-1Below are quotes by Don Juan from a 260 page book called A Separate Reality by Carlos Castaneda. I pulled out quotes to convey Don Juan’s main teaching points. 

Don Juan gathered many of his realizations through the hallucinogenic plats to open doors to perceptions of the world.

(This is not recommended. It is best to activate pineal gland naturally not forced with such plants. There may be negative physical and other consequences as a result of forced activations).

Don Juan was around 70 years old in 1969 when his teachings were recorded by Carlos the anthropologist during his apprenticeship.


“A warrior is aware as soon as he stops talking to himself, get rid of the internal dialogue, and he must be prepared for that monumental jolt. He must start slowly to undo the world.

If a warrior involves himself with something, you can be sure that he is aware of what he is doing.

A warrior cuts to a minimum his chances of the unforeseen. What you call accidents, are most of the time, very easy to avoid, except for fools who are living helter-skelter.

A warrior does not abandon himself to anything, not even to his death.

A warrior knows how to wait. His death sits with him on his mat, they are friends. His death advises him, in mysterious ways, how to choose, how to live strategically.

If a warrior does not like to be sad, therefore whenever he witnesses something sad he shifts his eyes and sees it instead of looking at it. But when he encounters something funny he looks and laughs. Seeing is for impeccable men. Temper your spirit now. To train the eyes only to look is an unnecessary loss. One must learn to see. When you see a human being, it is a luminous being composed of fibers of light, which rotate from front to the back and maintain an appearance of an egg. The most astonishing part of these egg-like creatures is a set of long fibers that come out of the area around the navel. Those luminous fibers are of uttermost importance in the life of man. Weak persons have very short, almost invisible fibers and strong persons have bright long ones. You can tell from the fibers if a person is healthy, sick, mean, kind, or treacherous.

To be poor or to want is only a thought, and so is to hate, or to be hungry, or to be in pain.

A warrior must wait patiently, a warrior knows that he is waiting and what he is waiting for, and while he waits he wants nothing and thus whatever little thing he gets is more than he can take. That is the warrior’s way. And if it is a mater of fulfilling his promise then he must be aware that he is fulfilling it.

A warrior does not crave.

The warrior is without any hurry because he knows he is waiting for his will and he becomes aware that a sort of power is emerging.

A warrior lives strategically; a warrior never carries loads he cannot handle.

A warrior has to use his will and his patience. In fact, a warrior has only his will and his patience and with them he builds anything he wants.

A warrior selects the items that make his world. For every item he chooses is a shield that protects him from onslaughts of the forces. To meet a force is no Sunday picnic and a warrior takes the responsibility of protecting his life. For that purpose you must have a selected number of things that give you great peace and pleasure.

However, we never learn that the things we do as people are only shields and we let them dominate and topple our lives. Therefore it is important to not always live on the defensive.

A warrior treats the world as an endless mystery. A warrior cannot indulge, thus he cannot die of fright.

Courage is something else. Men of courage are dependable men, noble men perennially surrounded by people who flock around them and admire them; yet very few men of courage have will. Will is a power.

A warrior treats everything with respect and does not trample on anything unless he has to.

A warrior takes responsibility for his acts, for the most trivial of his acts.

We must be on good terms with all the living things in the world. This is the reason why we must talk and apologize for hurting them; the same thing must be done with the animals we are going to hunt. We should only take enough for our needs, otherwise the plants and the animals would turn against us. A warrior is aware of this and strives to appease them, so when he peers through different dimensions, the trees and birds give him truthful messages. They teach us a way to live and they protect those who know them.

A warrior can get anything he desires but he desires nothing, and instead of playing with his fellow men like they were toys, he meets them in the midst of their folly.

A warrior uses will. Will is something very special, it happens mysteriously. Will is something else, something very clear and powerful, which can direct our acts. Will is something a man uses, for instance, to win a battle, which he, by all calculations, should lose. One can travel enormous distances by an act of will.

We maintain our world with out internal talk.

Necessary concentration transforms one’s ordinary time on earth into magical power.

Our misunderstanding stem from our differences in perceiving the world.

Booze is what makes people crazy. It blurs the images.

Many people can talk a lot and say nothing.

Don’t confuse yourself with riddles.

Many people hurry when they should wait, they wait when they should hurry.”



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