Lily’s Poems

Pure Love

Lions roaring and eagles glide

Dogs are barking and bees are in a sugar plunge 

So mysterious and great

Captivates my energy waves 

Staggering and flying through,

like Tornadoes from the Blue

Filled with streams of Ruby light 

Everything is purely bright

All are happy and alright 

Knowing that we are all supremes,

I shall breath out all of the extremes

Finding harmony and might

Love is what will fill our life’s flight 



Infuse the Muse-in Sunlight

Warm Heart -Emanates Rose light

We Emulate Alright


Pleasure noises
Sweet repeating voices
Breakthrough Choices


Bright Sun

I am really Bright

I Clear away the grey Cloud Quickly

I would Love it for the darkness to be gone away Completely

White fire light shines sweetly!



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