The Ringing Cedars of Russia

Chapter Twenty- Seven: The Anomaly

I think this excerpt  from a non-fiction book, The Ringing Cedars of Russia is phenomenal. It is like a download or activation for those who believe in other dimensions. It took me a minute to type it all out. Please enjoy, this is for you!

306917_331942383551610_1255339961_n“Little Anastasia attempted to stand on her little feet. She stood there swaying back and forth, stretching her arms out a little to each side, and finally took her first timid step. Her little feet got mixed up in the grass and her little body lost its balance and started to fall. But the fall, well, there was something quite unusual.

At the moment she fell, a barely noticeable bluish glow came flooding over the glade, and changed the Earth’s laws of gravity just on that particular spot. It touched us too with some kind of mellow languor. Anastasia’s body didn’t fall, but gradually and smoothly descended to the ground. Once she got up to her feet again, the bluish light disappeared, and the normal gravitation field was restored. With careful and hesitating footsteps, Anastasia went over to a little branch and started cleaning up the glade. But once again she lost her balance, began to fall and dropped the branch.

319920_10102416375880180_2104910425_nDuring the fall, once more the bluish glow sparked into life, changing the Earth’s gravitational field, and the branch flew over to the little pile of dry branches lying at the edge of the glade.

Anastasia got up, and throwing up her little hands, with shaky steps she slowly made her way over to another branch. No sooner had she started bending over to pick it up that the branch itself began rising from the ground, as though a breeze had blown it to the edge of the glade. Some invisible presence was carrying out little Anastasia’s desires.

But she wanted to do everything herself, and no doubt in protest against this help from her invisible ally, she thrust her little hand into the air and waved it gently above her head.

377641_364870133592168_2091872150_nOver the meadow we saw hanging a small spherical mass, pulsating and glowing with a pale blue light. We could see a whole multitude of fiery discharges inside its transparent covering, giving the effect of multi-coloured lightning. Indeed, it was very similar to a large ball of lightning. But it was intelligent! We could not tell what it was made of and what kind of intelligence we were dealing with. We could feel some kind of unknown and unseen power in it. But there was no sense of fear of this power. On the contrary, it seemed to be radiating a pleasant, languid grace. We didn’t feel like moving, we just felt like being.

Even thought it was a bright and sunny day, the leaves on the trees and petals on the flowers turned in its direction. In its bluish glow there was more power than in the Sun’s rays. And it could change the Earth’s gravitational field at the moment Anastasia fell, just in the right time and just at the right place. The change was so precise that her body descended smoothly, but yet was not torn away from the Earth.

As Anastasia continued to pick up branches, the fiery sphere was still pulsating, hovered over the wee little one. But it no longer helped her pick up the branches. The powerful fiery sphere seemed to understand the gesture of the little hand and obeyed it.

Expanding and dissolving in Space, contracting and producing internal discharges (like flashbulbs) of some kind of energy from goodness-knows-where, the sphere would momentarily disappear and then reappear, as thought it were somehow excited, and this excitement caused it to sweet through space at incredible speed.

This time Anastasia went to the spot where she was used to sleeping during the day with her mother. She stood and looked at the place where she had always slept with her Mama, but there was no Mama around. It was not clear just what she was thinking at the moment, only once again a tiny tear glistened in the sunbeam on her face. And right away the bluish glow came pulsating across the glade, flashing at irregular intervals.

946728_10202496208983689_1071670105_nAnastasia raised her little head, saw the pulsating mass of light, sat down on the grass and began staring at it continuously. It remained still under her gaze. Then she held out both her little arms in its direction, as she was to do when summoning one of the creatures to her side. At that point the fiery sphere sparked up in a multitude of powerful lighting bolts, reaching out beyond its blue covering, and made a dash for her little arms like a fiery comet. Looking as though it had the ability to sweep away everything in its path, it took only a split second to reach her face, start rotating and with one of its lighting flashes wipe away a tiny tear glistening on her cheek. And at this point it extinguished all the discharges and became a pale blue, faintly glowing sphere in the arms of the little one sitting on the grass.

For a time Anastasia sat there holding it, examining it, and stroking and caressing it with her little hands. The sphere took up a position on the ground and pretending to doze off, just as Anastasia’s mother had done. And the little girl lay down beside it. She fell asleep. The sphere took flight, disappearing into the heavenly heights, then spread itself over the glade, as thought it were a blanket. Later, once more contacting into a small, pulsating ball, it took up a position next to Anastasia, who was sleeping on the grass, and began stroking her hair. It was a strange and unusual caressing. With the most delicate luminescent and flickering threads of lighting, it took each individual strand of hair, lifted it up and caressed it.

1896946_10152055515349023_1171475566_nLater Anastasia had conversations with it, just as she did with everything else around her. But it was evident that she made a distinction between it and the other things in her environment. The distinction was not too noticeable in terms of outward expression, but there was a definite impression that she treated it with just a little more respect than other things, and sometimes would even play up to it. She never played up to anyone else, but for some reason she allowed herself to behave this way with the sphere. It reacted to her mood and even played along.

The morning Anastasia turned four, grandfather continued, we were standing at the edge of the glade waiting for her to wake up. We wanted to quietly watch and see how she would delight in the new spring day that was unfolding. The sphere appeared just at the moment before she woke up. It glistened faintly with its bluish glow, either spreading itself in a shower of light or dissolving over the whole Space of the glade. And we beheld a natural living picture made by no human hand, it was charming and magnificent.

1472100_780496811977519_842094598_nThe whole glade was transformed, the surrounding trees, the grass, even the bugs. The needles of the cedars began shining in a host of soft hues. Behind the squirrels springing from branch to branch could be seen rainbow trails sparking and dissolving. The grass was lit up in a soft green glow. And even more pronounces multicolored glow emanated from the multitude of bugs scurrying through the grass, forming an unusually vivid and beautiful carpet spreading its way across the glade, constantly morphing itself into new intricate and marvelous patterns. Upon awakening, Anastasia opened her eye to behold an extraordinary panorama, full of enchantment. She jumped up and gazed around. She smiled, as she always did in the morning, and everything around her responded to her smile with an even brighter glow and accelerated movement. Then Anastasia carefully knelt down and began meticulously examining the grass and the shining, multicolored bugs scurrying about. She looked up and stretched her little arms to the sky. All at once the still air stirred, and in her hands appeared the bluish sphere. She held it up to her face, then put it down on the grass and tenderly stroked it. And we could hear the conversation. Anastasia was the only one who actually spoke, but we had the distinct impression that the sphere was understanding her and even silently responding. Anastasia spoke with it tenderly. “You are good. You are very good. You want to delight me with your beauty.”

1486833_10202643399303087_1712779162_nThe blue sphere emitted another pulse, then lifted slightly off the ground, and the lightning discharges flashed from within. The glowing scene did not fade. Once again it descended to Anastasia’s feet. She stroked it and offered a ‘thank you.”

She stared silently at the sphere for a while, and when she spoke, her words really impressed us. She told it:

Do not come to see me again. I like being with you. You are always trying to do only what is good for everyone, always trying to help. I know you have a very large glade of your own. You think very fast, so fast that I cannot understand all at once. Only later shall I understand a bit. You move faster than everything else. Much faster than the birds and the breeze. Go away. You need to take care of the large glade.

1520691_584592424947120_335278155_nThe blue sphere contacted into a little lump, and took off way up high. It began sweeping though space, sparkling more brightly than usual, and once more plunged down like a fiery comet to Anastasia. It stayed still by her head for a while, then a multitude of tiny flickering rays reached out to her long hair and stroked each strand individually, right down to the tip.

What are you taking your time for? Anastasia said quietly. I will make everything all right here myself. The blue sphere began ascending, but not with its usual carefree bounce. It rose from Anastasia in a fitful bursts, and finally disappeared into space. But it left something invisible all around. And each time something happened that affected her negatively, the surrounding space would grow still, as though paralyzed. She was always protected.”


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