Pink and big canvas paintings

So I woke up and started doing this pink canvas roses in vase painting. And when I paint one painting I also paint others. I also love painting containers 🙂

P.s. I’m not done with these yet.


GOD rose activate now, God pink activate now, God purple activate now!


Yummy fast food

I just made a snack with locally grown cucumber, basil, and crystal salt in less than 5 mins! You can add lemon juice or apple cider vinegar for extra flavor.



Fragrant lifestyle

It’s pretty exciting to rediscover what I already have. I went through this only organic stage where I stopped using a bunch of stuff. But now I’m not as strict about certain things, although I believe there was a purpose for me to do that and it helped me feel better again. I still focus on only surrounding myself with natural products, but I think it’s okay to use lipstick and wear perfume.  Now I discovered all these cool perfumes I put away and pretty sparkly make up powders too!!