Meditation is so awesome. It is really helping me discover where stress sits in my body. It’s so strange how we go about our days without fully checking in with our bodies. The last days I’ve meditated for 30, 20, and 5 mins. I’m definitely liking the longer meditation but the shorter meditation is still great for a quick check in. 

happy crystal

Ocean Vibes

It’s such a beautiful day at the ocean. The sunshine is warm and the water is calm. The sand at this Los Angeles beach is golden and sparkly. I think there’s mica in it. In the evening sun, I these sparkles appear silver. The water is cold but in a good way. Sometimes a larger wave would bring in a lot of water. Some days these waves are very powerful. The water is so sparkly with silver sparkles. When I was standing the ocean, I saw waves lift the sparkly sand and make the water full of tiny golden sparkles. When the ocean waves rise and curve, they become more transparent in emerald color.


Everyday Healthy things

I started eating cloves, molasses, and turmeric again. I chew a few whole cloves like a mint. I also have clove essential oil that I mix with coconut oil and brush my teeth with it. Regular toothpaste sometimes makes my teeth hurt, probably because of all the artificial additives. I make a drink with turmeric- I take a teaspoon of powder and mix with warm water, tastes like milk to me. With molasses, I add a table spoon to tea and a little bit of vitamin C powder, really tasty. Molasses is really good for the hair,  I’ve experimented in the past and it works.