October Beauty


Healthy Tips

Here are some healthy things I’ve tried in the past and some still continue to.

Nibbling on Cloves
Vitamin C intake. Juicing 3 lemons/limes a day
Neem oil into skin
fermented cabbage
Consuming at least a table spoon of cinnamon a day
And lots of water
Oregano oil
drinking Pau D’arco Tea
teaspoon of Camu Camu powder a day

Feeling the breeze

Today I got out of bed,  made breakfast and ate it outside by my pool. The weather was beautiful and an amazing feeling ocean breeze was caressing my face. I proclaimed that I will spend more time outside and take a walk before work. But time is tricky and by the time I finished getting ready, making my raw creme vanilla milkshake and putting on my violet lilac eye sparkles, it was already time to catch my bus to work! Halfway to my work a guy with intellect and crazy facial expressions gets on the bus with a suitcase and orange bucket of chemicals. The lady bus driver yelled at him about how he cant come in the bus with the chemicals but let him on anyway after he pleaded. I just felt uncomfortable and got off the bus. I still had like 15 minutes before work started and had a good excuse in case late. To my surprise I got out in front of a grocery store to which I wanted to go before work. I ended up quickly buying a snack that I wanted this morning and then jog/walk to work. Outside the breeze was there with me the whole time making me feel good and refreshed! I got to work only 3 minutes late with zero issues. I got my walk with the breeze, a snack, and radiant skin after and little outdoor jog! Yay


Apophyllite Angels

Apophyllite is another angelic crystal. It is wonderful to have in your home to attract your heart’s desires and bring purity into your environment. It helps cool things down. It helps connect you to your higher self and get rid of any fragmentation. It is healing for the eyes in particular. 

Benitoite aka Blue Diamond

This crystal is so amazing. After a long time of looking I found a tiny good quality Benitoite crystal! For sure the most expensive crystal I bought for that size thus far. According to a geology video, Benitoite is listed as the 5th most rare and valuable crystal in the world. It is much more rare than diamonds and is only found in one place on earth, San Benito California.This is the State crystal for California! It is recognized by it’s blue color and it is found in the waters of the San Benito river in San Benito County. Some say that there have been some found in Japan as well, but they are still not the same quality as they are in California. Under a UV light it emits a fluorescent glow! Fluorescence is the emission of light by a substance that has absorbed light. Benitoite’s fluorescent glow is still a mystery. The river in which this crystal is found is named after  San Benedicto, Saint Benedict, the patron saint of the married. No wonder it is called the blue diamond. This crystal is known to help with communication with angels. I feel it has a strong connection to Mother Mary and Archangel Zadkiel as well as Twin Flames.




Fitness Variety

I ran like half a mile today after my hike. Most of the run was on an incline up a little mountain cluster that I live in. I haven’t ran in a while, even though I did track & field and cross country for 4 years in high school. Running felt good! But I wouldn’t do it for super long distances. I like to switch it up. I think some variety in activities is better and healthier. I have some of my favorite things that I like to repeat, but I also make sure I don’t just do the same activity every day. A few days I will go hiking, other days I will take a class at the gym like Pilates or Barre, other days I will do my own thing at the gym like the stair master and weights, and other days I go to the Ocean and swim and walk long distances on the beach. Relaxing, resting, and sleeping is also important. Remember to drink lots of pure water too! The cool breeze today felt like Autumn and felt so refreshing and gave feelings to hope and good times ahead.