Fitness Variety

I ran like half a mile today after my hike. Most of the run was on an incline up a little mountain cluster that I live in. I haven’t ran in a while, even though I did track & field and cross country for 4 years in high school. Running felt good! But I wouldn’t do it for super long distances. I like to switch it up. I think some variety in activities is better and healthier. I have some of my favorite things that I like to repeat, but I also make sure I don’t just do the same activity every day. A few days I will go hiking, other days I will take a class at the gym like Pilates or Barre, other days I will do my own thing at the gym like the stair master and weights, and other days I go to the Ocean and swim and walk long distances on the beach. Relaxing, resting, and sleeping is also important. Remember to drink lots of pure water too! The cool breeze today felt like Autumn and felt so refreshing and gave feelings to hope and good times ahead.




Dream to Reality

I had short dream and then this afternoon that short moment that I had in that dream happened the same way in awake time. I just don’t get why I get these dreams that confirm that I can sometimes see the future but then it is not always easy to figure out the meaning of it. Or it might have been an implant. Prayer: I pray to God that all interference, implants, illusion, manipulation, mind control, abuse are cleared by God and the appropriate for this type type of job Gods Angles and I pray that True Love God has true love on Earth with everything in perfect harmony, love, purity, and grace. I also pray to True Love God to help return all Twin Flames to each other with love, fidelity, harmony, beauty, youth, adventure, health, and everything that is for the highest good. Thank you!



True love coincidence?

I wore these heart shaped sun  glasses today, and found that emoji pouch, which I actually need 🙂 ❤

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Reishi Mushroom

I finally got around to making Reishi tea from the Reishi mushrooms that I got at the farmers market. It is called the mushroom of immortality, and is a pretty rare mushroom. In ancient times it was used among the emperors. Some call it the king of herbs. It has a very earthy flavor and has zinc and selenium. It is anti-stress. Great for the liver. It is also an anti-depressant and anti-anxiety. It fights cancer, fatigue, allergies, anti inflammatory, and stabilizes blood sugar. Increases lung capacity. Purifies the blood. It helps make adrenal glands healthy. These glands produce hormones that help the body control blood sugar, burn protein and fat, react to stressors like a major illness or injury, and regulate blood pressure. It also nourishes our spiritual self and helps us find meaning in life.

To prepare this tea you break the mushrooms into small pieces. Bring water to a boil and simmer for about an hour. You may combine it with ginger or vanilla.

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Ending the Biggest Crime Against Humanity

There have been an unprecedented number of arrests since he was sworn in. Whether or not you like Trump, this is the truth and saving children from rapists is surely something WE ALL should support him on. We’re up to more than 5k pedo arrests since Trump’s been sworn in, those are record numbers. He’s behind this because he has ordered the DOJ to crack down on this on a national and local level. Trump has SAID this MANY times in interviews, during press conferences and he’s tweeted about this. He also ordered his Homeland Security team to release a PSA on sex trafficking immediately after he was sworn in. I track sex trafficking for a living as a journalist and as a survivor of a horrendous sex crime. Trump’s DOJ is going after sex trafficking more than ANY administration in U.S. history.  I talk to people in the White House and I’ve verified all this info as this is what I do for a living. ” -Liz Crokin