Kunzite Crystal

I have been meaning to get this crystal for a while now and I finally got it! yay. I love it so much. Kunzite crystal is most commonly found in light pink, lilac, and violet colors. It is a pretty rare semiprecious gem with wonderful energy.


Kunzite crystal is known for its pure and joyful energy, however it is also known for much more. It is associated with the heart and love and is a wonderful crystal for young girls, women, and moms. It is believed to help babies sleep more peacefully. It cleanses away any negative energy and helps those who are not accustomed to Earth to feel more comfortable. It is associated with Venus. Kunzite helps protect your loved ones and possessions. It promotes harmonious relationships.

“Lilac Kunzite is a Celestial Doorway and breaks through the barriers of time into the infinite”


Pray to God now

I’m sorry but these type of ads are extremely inappropriate. This and also those parades that go through the community neighborhoods where half naked men shake their things.This is a main political agenda to sexualize children and public in general. Every single disease was created in a lab. It is illusion. Your true natural state is total health. Just pray to God for TRUE LOVE and purity, be loyal with fidelity to your soul mate and do not support evil.


Also, they trying to turn humans into robots. God did not invent technology btw. You already have everything you need for perfect health. They admit doing head transplants on animals right now people. What they don’t admit is that they are also doing the same things to trafficked children, similar to the holocaust but probably worse.Think about that. Say no to mind control. Say no to mkultra. say no to frankenstein! Pray for the children, and pray for your soul. This is not a joke, things are really bad right now. Everyone needs to come together now and pray.

Father Child Relationship

I often think about communication and relationships. I studied psychology and social work and overall as a woman I’m interested in these topics. It appears that when a child is born, the biological mother is the most important person in their life. This is probably because the child grew up inside her belly and then relies on her for love and her breast feeding. The child also relies on the fathers love. It’s important they spend a lot of time together as well. But so far it seems that this breast feeding and growing up in the belly bond is really strong. So my point is that if a child thinks the mother is the nurturer that helps with survical, then the father needs to provide impeccable love and care to the mother! Then the child will see how the mother relies on the father, and then the child relies on both of them equally. Probably not really ‘relying’ but collaborating as a love team. Valuing everyone’s part equally with lots of love, considerate actions, and many more heart centered activities! Boy, that took a lot of digging through illusion to get to the point, haha.

Children’s Book Writing Progress

I’m editing my book at my “office” and a dove just flew over my head and landed in a nearby garden. Yay.

It is really important to listen to your intuition! Only work with people who are for your highest good. Money is not everything! And when you do follow your intuition somehow better opportunities pop up! Be patient. Be true to yourself. Trust in God aka True Love.


Peaceful Sleep Calm

I’ve tried lavender, valerian root, chamomile, magnesium, meditation, reading a book, exercise- they all work gently. Last night I tried this homeopathy pictured below, and it worked amazing!! Like I was amazed, there was a wave of calm that came over me in 5-10 mins, especially in my upper body and it helped my heart calm down and I was able to fall asleep yay!

Good energy is very important in the process of healing, therefore I also imagined laying inside a rose and the smooth petals were my blankets.

The rose energy helped with calming the mind and the homeopathy pellets helped with the physical symptoms. You can get this at whole foods. For energy work you can book a consultation with me.

You can purchase this sleep aid homeopathy at whole foods. They say that with homeopathy you should not touch the pellets with your hands, so this container is designed special. You twist the cap and then use it at a little serving utensil.


on the back it says for sleeplessness with mental hyperactivity,