Powerful Practices

Some things that I found to be very healing for powerful health and wellness is



Green Juice (example made fresh with cucumber, celery, cilantro, parsley, oregano, ginger, and lemon- So yummy).

Movement in variety like dancing, walking, lifting.

Drinking water and focusing on mostly eating pure fresh with lots of raw vegetables.


Amazing Ocean

It’s such a beautiful day at the ocean. The sunshine is warm and the WATER is cool and calm. I was just in there for at least 30 mins or maybe more. I am not sure if today is just an extra beautiful day or if I’m more in awe with the beach today because I’ve returned to my mindfulness, breathing meditation practice again after some years. Wow, the sand at this Los Angeles beach is golden sparkly! I think there’s mica in it. IN the evening sun, I remember these sparkles LOOK silver, but right now they look golden. The water is cold but in a good way. I dived under water several times and when I noticed my body getting cold I got out and stayed in the water up to my waste, and then up to my knees, and ankles, slowly walking out of the water as it helped me heal my legs with a water massage and cool water for my ankle that got hurt last month. The ocean waves are so fun and awesome, each one is different; some feel super gentle, others stronger; smoother. Sometimes a larger wave would bring in a lot more water to shore and when I would be standing in water up to my hips, it can rise all the way up to my neck. Now the waves are all calm 🙂 Some days these waves were so powerful that they made me do a full legs over head tumble. The water is so sparkly and beautiful too right now, it’s with silver sparkles. When I was standing the ocean, I saw waves pick my the sparkly sand and make the water full of tiny golden sparkles. When the ocean waves rise and curve, they become more transparent and emerald color. I’m so excited to do a 40 minute meditation at the beach! I brought plenty of white clothing to cover up with so that I don’t over do it in the sun; I love being on this soft sparkly sands beach most of the day.



8/16 plan

I’ve been at it with this intermittent fasting for over 2 weeks and it’s definitely working. I don’t like that it’s called fasting because you eat during the day, you just eat during an 8 hour window. For example, last time I ate something was yesterday at 9pm, so then today the first meal was at 2pm. Usually I have a 14 hour rest from food but today ended up being longer.(nutritionists and trainers say that it needs to be more than 12 hours. The 8/16 is the most recommended but as long as it’s over a 12 hour break, the cleanse is working. Apparently it takes the body 12 hours to fully digest food and once its done doing that, then the body begins to focus on healing, balancing, and restoring. A nutritionist on YouTube that I’m following says to eat the same amount in a smaller time period, but personally I’m noticing that I’m eating less. (In an interview with Jessica Alba that I read, she says weight loss is basically a balance between calories in and calories out- so my weight loss can be the result of that as well.) However, I’m not eating less on purpose but my stomach shrank so I get full faster, which is pretty cool because my grocery expenses are less. I used to have to go to the grocery store 2 or 3 times a week but now once is enough. The main reason I started doing this way of eating is to balance hormones. With a healthy hormone balance we are not only fit physically but also we sleep better and our skin is beautiful, and we are more calm an happy. Besides very noticeable fat loss, I’m also noticing more mental clarity. With that said, it’s still important to eat healthy and exercise. The  last few weeks I’ve been eating eggs, cheese, potatoes, kefir, strawberries, cucumbers, tomatoes, cilantro, pumpkin seeds, peanut butter, coconut oil, beef, chicken, parsley, zucchini, almonds, pistachios, cacao smoothies with protein and collagen powder, olive oil, apple cider vinegar, and vitamin C gummies. All organic and pasture raised. I’ve been taking Barre and Pilates classes as well as weightlifting. I also walk everywhere. So far so good…

I love watching trainers work out themselves; They do all these unique moves with the equipment. I’ve been going strong with this intermittent “fasting”(to me it is another form of meditation where I self discipline myself to not let cravings control my actions and nourish my body during actual sit down meals. Where in the past I would snack because I was bored, which I believe is a type of emotional eating. Emotions are best soothed with meditation and a healthy lifestyle routine. I was very skeptical when a trainer told me to workout on an empty stomach, but once I got passed the mental hurdle and fear of losing muscle and actually did it, turns out my body likes it.It feels really good and tingly to weight lift, just no more than 40 mins, and then I eat something healthy immediately after.

Yummy Cucumber Radish

I got a really flavorful cheese at the farmers market because the sales guy was such a nice person. And then today I got this magazine in the mail and got a burst of inspiration to make a very low carb yummy treat. I didn’t have basil so I used cilantro. I really love cilantro and always have it in my fridge. I then coupled this treat with sweet potatoes instead of the crackers. I kept the sweet potatoes as a separate dish. That’s also my garden in the background of the magazine, yay.

Sea Buckthorn

Sea Buckthorn Oil helps stimulate hair growth while improving the overall health of your hair; great for men and women. It is also good for preventing sunburn; for treating radiation damage from x-rays and overall skin healing.


Everyday Healthy things

I started taking cloves, molasses, and turmeric again. I chew a few whole cloves like a mint, and I also have clove essential oil so I mix it with coconut oil and brush my teeth with it, feels so good! Regular toothpaste sometimes makes my teeth hurt. With turmeric I take a teaspoon of powder and add warm water, sometimes I’ll add stevia: tastes like milk to me. With molasses I add a table spoon to regular tea and a little bit of vitamin C powder, really tasty. Molasses is really good for the hair,  I’ve experimented in the past and it works.