Clear Quartz Arrangement



Yay Crystals

Just organized them! Got some awesome new ones today! Like a magical blue chalcedony that looks periwinkle blue with chocolate specks and can turn clear! Also a sparkly citrine!

God Crystals Activate Now! Crystal Ice, Activate Now! God Pixie dust Activate now! God Chalcedony, activate now


Russian Music

great lyrics: “I’ve been looking for you for so long. I almost traveled the whole globe. Where is that taste that froze on your lips? But you’ve been close all along.” (I sort of spun that translation with my own version edit).



Golden Retriever named Summer <3

Aww I was taking my evening walk because I love the cool breeze and the pretty color the sky turns at sunset and I saw a lady walking 2 dogs and one of them was a golden retriever; and the golden retriever refused to walk and sat down and just got so excited to see me and waited until I caught up to them, and the closer I got the more excited that pup became. IDK… there was just something extra magical about that pup and the feeling I felt that words can’t really describe. So sweet. What a great sign from the angels.



I found this photo on the internet. This dog looks like the one I described in my post 🙂