Fresh Strawberry Smoothie

Today I made a smoothie with fresh strawberries.

Then I made golden sweet potatoes with turmeric, fresh rosemary, and crystal salt. Yummy!

Farmers market strawberries, stevia, coconut, and raw milk kefir.

Photos by Liliya


Lots of Chocolate

Today I made golden sweet potatoes with coconut oil and sprinkled crystal salt and sweet cacao powder. And then bought more chocolate and eating it all together now. Haha! Yummy.

Food things

My current focus is on less sugar more green vegetables and other vegetables too. Lemon water and apple cider vinegar ill drink more of. Chicken broth yes but taking a break from cows. Only raw kefir to make my yummy fresh strawberry smoothies. No wheat or processed stuff. Focus on pure and simple. Also yes to blueberries, yummy!

Big focus on herbs like thyme, cilantro, oregano, lemon balm, calendula ,lavender,peppermint.  Yummy tea activate now!


I just for basically the first time read through a bunch of Donald Trump’s tweets and have an opinion on what kind of person he is. lol. So his tweets sounds like he want to be a writer to some extent and also sound like he is a 5 year old still. But the soul is a good one, just needs help with getting cleared more, so there is no energetic manipulation. I pray that everyone on this planet surrender to true love God and have more patience, compassion, and love in their higher hearts.