Rescue Roses

 I was taking a morning walk because health focused researches say that it’s important to expose your eyes to unfiltered natural light in the morning to have your circadian rhythms in balance. It’s okay if it’s cloudy, the light is still there. I feel a lot better after a 15-20min morning walk. My routine right after I wake up is to get dressed, wash my face with cold water, and start oil pulling with coconut oil and a few drops of essential oil like oregano, tea tree, or mint. Anyways, during this chilly midwest November walk, I noticed a few landscapers digging up rose bushes that I admired on my summer walks. I asked them if they plan to replant them somewhere else; but they said, no; the roses will be thrown out 😥. So I asked them if I can take them. The guys were so kind that they even helped wrap the roses so it’s easier to transport. Now I got 5 rescue rose bushes to take care of. I have a small yard so I planted some in my garden and shared some with my next door neighbor. She often admired my summer flower garden and said that if I ever needed extra planting space, I am welcome to use her yard. Definitely a win win situation- she gets to enjoy roses in her yard and I feel content that I was able to rescue these beauties and find them a new home. Summer is going to be 🌹🌹🌹🏵🌹🏵🌹🌹🌹🏵🏵🏵. If you suspect that something good is going to waste – ask and you may end up with a beautiful gift. It’s crazy how much good stuff gets thrown out daily instead of repurposing. Not just plants; brand new clothes, furniture, electronics, food, etc. If I ever outgrow an item, I always drive it to Goodwill. But so many people seem to rather send it to a landfill. And so this is how our actions contribute to slave labor, pollution, and a decline in product quality. In reality there is so much abundance of everything in this world. If only the collective would just get out of victim, greed, waste, laziness, and scarcity consciousness. I Am sending blessings to all Beings on Earth to be free of negative energy and corruption and to be blessed with purity, clarity, and selflessness.


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