Parenting 101

I’ve been watching a bunch of super nanny episodes, and it is really educational. I knew most of it, but watching the show provides great reminders and reinforcements. Here are some of the common techniques:

1. Spending quality fun time with your children is key. Parenting is not only about putting food on the table and making sure they don’t get hurt, it is also about spending happy time together every day!
2. Routine is key! Also make house rules: What behaviors are not okay. Children need boundaries and discipline, it makes them feel safe.

3. If they misbehave you first give them a warning in a CALM and low voice, if they do it again you send them to a time out chair or a time out room.

-Always follow through with your warnings. Do not argue or go into long discussions.

-If they are 3 years old, keep them there for 3 minutes. If they are 8 years old, keep them there for 8 minutes.

-When you put them into time out, kneel to their level and tell them why they are in time out. If they come out of their time out before the time ends, restart the time. This may take many attempts but no one said raising children is fast and easy. You made a choice to have a family now invest quality time. 

-When you take them out of time out, again tell them why you did it. And ask for an apology, say, “Look at me and say I’m sorry.”

4. Be an example, if you don’t want your child to yell, then you don’t yell either.

With spending fun and loving quality time together and using the time out technique properly, things will get better. There was a mom that had to spend 2 hours putting her child in time out because he was not listening. But investing 2 hours for a few weeks is well worth it in the long run. Eventually the child learns the rules and will respect you and others. Make sure you are respectful and the child will be too.


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