Reiki Heals: Do it yourself

I am a reiki master and I attuned my mom to reiki level 1 and 2. The last month my young kitty has been sick on and off and eating little. I am not sure what the cause for these issues is but I feel like he is getting his longevity crystalline body and is having a tough time adjusting to the new frequencies.However, we want him to feel good now! Knowing that my mom is attuned to reiki, I would frequently ask if she sends reiki to him and his food, and sometimes she admits that she forgets. And then I have an aha moment! I am having all these expectations of my mom and yet I forget to do it myself! I realized that before I expect other people to do something, I should do it myself too! The reason I was putting so much pressure on my mom with doing reiki for the kitty is because she is near him, but I reminded myself that energy does not exist in time and space, it is infinite. Therefore, as a reiki master it can be even more powerful if I send reiki to the kitty, even if it is from across the country. Last night I pulled up a picture of the kitty and send him reiki for 3 minutes, and as I was sending it my hands felt tingly and very warm, unusually warm. Today I was laying out on the roof under the palm trees and decided to send reiki to my kitty and my mom at the same time. I imagined myself splitting into 2 people and therefore having 4 hands to work on 2 of them. I can really visualize well these days, so I saw their bodies and their chakras lighting up in rainbow colors. Later on this evening my mom calls in a really good mood! I ask her about the kitty, knowing in confidence that the energy that I have send him worked. To my delight my mom said, “that my kitty is feeling much better and ate well.” She also told me how she went shopping and bought a brand new glass teapot and at the end of the day she felt really good. I didn’t tell her about the energy that I was sending them, but the things she told me today really confirmed that reiki works. It feels really good and empowering to trust in divine source. I am so thankful to the 2 teachers that attuned me to reiki and I am very grateful for the continuous love that the angels and God pour unto me. I too am sending all my loved ones on Earth and in Heaven Unconditional Love Package! Now! Thank you!

Reiki-Power-Symbol-Cho-Ku-Rei  reiki-emotional-mental-symbol-sei-he-ki reiki-distance-healing-symbol

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