Bounce Back & Transform

healthy-livingDaily incorporation of healthy foods and body care routines, and making these healthy lifestyle choices into good habits, creates a very strong well-being and spiritual harmony. Spiritual harmony helps us to feel worthy and accept healthy routines that make our life better. I know it is really twisted, but many people treat their body harshly  because they have some deep subconscious pain that has not been addressed and  healed. So people do self destructive behaviors to either avoid dealing with such depths or punish themselves for not dealing with it. It’s really weird and we just have to release and clear self sabotaging behaviors. I get that we are all on this planet to have experiences goodness and learn. Be compassionate, kind, considerate, and treat yourself and others with dignity. Be nice and nourish it!

Maintaining good habits daily is good, but there may have been moments of stress that make it easy to slip up. There are people that are sensitive to certain things like certain foods and energies. Sensitivities don’t have to last forever, but it is important to notice them and listen to your higher heart, intuition, and God on what should be the best action or reaction. I’ve learned to shield myself with positive thinking, white, violet, blue, rose, and golden light and I use crystals to amplify and clear the energy.



Photos above by me, Liliya. I love to practice photography, I am pretty naturally good at it

One day when I randomly had sinus pain, I sprayed Colloidal Silver (by sovereign sliver brand) in my nose and the pain instantly disappeared! I’m hoping to drink 8oz of Colloidal silver per day. Silver water activate now! Yay! Precious Metals like gold and silver along with beautiful crystals makes quite the positive energy! 

Moreover, to feel healthy, it works better for me when I focus on less restaurants and prepare food myself. I just really like how I prepare food and I make sure that everything is washed properly with cool water and is simply as pure as possible. I think doing healthy routines daily and focusing on positive good energy, the body is able to bounce quickly and easily.

In conclusion, it is important to keep improving and evolving with everything including your body, but if you rack up enough health habits that you do daily, then slip ups will become much easier to fix, heal, and release!

Stay healthy everyone! Be gentle with your body. Give it pure foods and pure products.


You may purchase my e-guide on beauty and health natural alchemy.


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