Positive Frequency Interviews 2013

Some of the most spiritually wealthiest people live simply and unnoticed.

“When you pray you talk to God, when you meditate you listen.”

Mother Mary

mary3-211x300“In the past men left the homes to do things and the women stayed home and kept the fire burning. Fire is symbolic for the heart. They kept the heart burning.”

Holy Virgin Mother Mary talks about todays politics and gender roles, and a lot more.


The Great and Holy Master Kuthumi

kuthumi_3“Anyone who is listening to this communication is getting a laser blast of information that is high

vibrational, and it continues to go higher and higher. When that happens they are able to keep it for as long as they like. You are opening up to the next level. Everything goes in a spiral, each level is an increase in frequency and understanding.

Lets say a spiritually inclined person goes out to meet a friend in a bar, and there is all that dark energy and there are people who are drinking and there are holes in their etheric bodies, and literally there is a feeding going on, energetically. There are darker forces that are eating off the etheric bodies of these people.

So, Understand that it is very important for you to protect the vibration that you are getting at this time. This is like a very special holy dispensation.”

Here is the Full Interview Link. 


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