Respecting the Introvert

A few things to consider if someone you care about is an introvert.

1. An introvert has a certain amount of energy available for socializing. For introverts, most social interactions take a little out of them instead of filling them up the way it does for extroverts. When their energy is drained they need some time to refuel.

2. Silence isn’t a bad thing. Really. It’s not an insult. It’s the introvert’s way of conserving energy and restoring him or herself. If they can be quiet with you (and you can be content being quiet with them) it’s a huge compliment and a huge relief. Other times the quiet needs to be spent alone. Introverts come back when they’re ready. It’s worth the wait.

5. All of this really comes down to respect. Each of us has our own set of boundaries, our own way of communicating and our own needs. When you care about someone, you choose to communicate with him or her in ways that show you love and respect them. If your cup is filled by lots of interaction with others, go for it! Be in tune with your own needs, and enjoy the way that time with others energizes you. If someone you love is an introvert, and needs time to him or herself, tune into and respect that as well. Introverts don’t do activities alone because they are sad, or negative or depressed; they do it because that’s what fills their energy back.


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