Pure Charged Water

Without water the human body can not function. Water detoxifies and flushes out anything that is not serving our bodies. Water helps our bodies function at optimal levels. It is VERY important to begin to think about what kind of water you are drinking. Fluoride and mercury have been found in tap water. There are two types of fluoride. There is fluoride that comes into our homes, which is actually sodium fluoride, and is said to be poisonous for the body because it is full of metals such as arsenic, lead, and aluminum. The other kind of fluoride is calcium fluoride, and this is a natural fluoride found in soil and natural spring water, which is alkaline. If you don’t have access to natural spring water you may filter your water. I like the Berkey filter. To filtered water add electrolytes and minerals. You may sprinkle a little bit of pink himalayan crystal salt into a glass water bottle. I also like making crystal elixirs by either having my larger crystals stand in proximity to the water or putting a few small crystals like elite shungite and rose quartz into the bottle. It makes sense to use crystals to enhance the quality of water because spring water comes from inside the earth and so do crystals. Mountain water also flows through valleys and sparkling rocks. When I was in Switzerland’s

7b9c1_verzasca-valley-1 Verzasca Valley and Maggia Valley, the river flowed over glittery stones. Therefore it is natural and necessary to have all these natural elements near each other. Check out this short clip from a documentary called “What the Bleep do we know” to understand why I also say, “Thank you” and “I Love you” into my water bottle. Sound is vibration and those phrases are a positive and high vibration. You can also view this practice as a gratitude prayer before consuming mother earth’s gifts ❤

In conclusion:

1. Sprinkle a tiny bit of himalayan pink salt in water.

2. Say, “I Love you and Thank You” while visualizing beautiful snowflake patterns.

3. Charge water in the sun in a glass bottle.

4. Put crystals in or around your water. (Make sure you research which crystals are okay to use with drinking water.)

Pure water is a human right, so in reality it should be free to those who have pure hearts and moral positive intentions and who respect Earth and life.


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