I met an amazing shaman at the dollar store about a month ago. Since then I have been bumping into him in Hollywood. At random days he sits at the bus stop greeting people in  different languages like chinese, spanish, etc. Many people also come up to him and give him money to offer support for his food and rent expenses or just come up to show their respect. He has a very strong and grounding energy. So wise and so compassionate! The first time I met him he gave me a Jasper stone. The second time I met him, we made an exchange, I gave him some Raw Organic Nori sticks made from sunflower seeds, almonds, flax seeds, honey, curry powder, and himalayan salt, and he gave me a ring with a purple stone. Another day I gave him radishes and he gave me a beautiful butterfly IMG_6257pendant. Another day he gave me a white beautiful dream catcher full of soft flowing feathers. The most recent gift has been Nag Champa incense that has been aromatizing my apartment for days! ❤

I am fortunate to bump into him. The energy is intense right and many people are feeling it!  One day I woke up a bit disoriented but as soon as I walked out into the world surrounded by California’s blooming beauty I was encapsulated by violet colors from all sides. For me, when I see the violet color, which is the color of purity, I am reminded that the angels are with me. And to my luck I get reunited with my shaman friend.

When I spend time with him my visions of the pure color violet are intensified in frequency. As I sit next to him, he sings songs into the universe about lions, freedom, and butterflies, I become peacefully grounded. His beautiful healing energy definitely helps me. The divine is getting stronger each second. Light always prevails!

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