Home Spa

Creating a spa experience at home could be one of the best options for healing and relaxation. Add two cups of Epsom salt and 15 drops of an essential oil like lavender into a warm bath and soak for 20 minutes or more. After bath time showering with cold water feels great. When I research […]


Rescue Roses

 I was taking a morning walk because health focused researches say that it’s important to expose your eyes to unfiltered natural light in the morning to have your circadian rhythms in balance. It’s okay if it’s cloudy, the light is still there. I feel a lot better after a 15-20min morning walk. My routine right […]

Fresh Juices for Health

I love vegetables and fruits and the Omega juicer. There are so many possibilities with it. Recently I’ve been making a lot of celery juice. But I also made a delicious tart cranberry juice, white grapefruit juice, and orange juice. I also love juicing herbs like cilantro, dill, and parsley. Adding a lemon into the […]

Noticing Cycles

For a while I’ve ignored astrology, astronomy and the moon. I thought that I didn’t want anything influencing my experience of life. But after I began reading a book by Jivanmukti I was recommended to reconsider. Noticing all these different cycles doesn’t need to mean that you worship any of it or you believe in […]

Healthy Cake?

I love cake and I love simple, whole and pure foods. So I was inspired to experiment. I soaked millet overnight (soaked grains are easier for body to digest I’ve been told.) Then after the millet is prepared, I pour frosting on it. I’ve been making frosting with kefir, cinnamon powder, and sweet stevia powder, […]

Tea Bath

I have been focusing on decluttering my home; buying less and enjoying what I already own. During my kitchen clean up I found a stash of all these teas that I  collected from Europe. I’m not sure why I didn’t drink them but now I decided to start making baths! And what a great idea […]

Bath Beauty

I heard Epsom salt baths are awesome and that Magnesium absorbs better through the skin. Today I poured half a cup of spirulina powder, half a cup of Hawaiian sea salt, 2 drops of high quality lemongrass essential oil, and placed 2 clear quartz crystals. When I  took the crystals out they looked happy and […]