Fresh Juices for Health

I love vegetables and fruits and the Omega juicer. There are so many possibilities with it. Recently I’ve been making a lot of celery juice. But I also made a delicious tart cranberry juice, white grapefruit juice, and orange juice. I also love juicing herbs like cilantro, dill, and parsley. Adding a lemon into the […]

Noticing Cycles

For a while I’ve ignored astrology, astronomy and the moon. I thought that I didn’t want anything influencing my experience of life. But after I began reading a book by Jivanmukti I was recommended to reconsider. Noticing all these different cycles doesn’t need to mean that you worship any of it or you believe in […]

Healthy Cake?

I love cake and I love simple, whole and pure foods. So I was inspired to experiment. I soaked millet overnight (soaked grains are easier for body to digest I’ve been told.) Then after the millet is prepared, I pour frosting on it. I’ve been making frosting with kefir, cinnamon powder, and sweet stevia powder, […]

Tea Bath

I have been focusing on decluttering my home; buying less and enjoying what I already own. During my kitchen clean up I found a stash of all these teas that I  collected from Europe. I’m not sure why I didn’t drink them but now I decided to start making baths! And what a great idea […]

Bath Beauty

I heard Epsom salt baths are awesome and that Magnesium absorbs better through the skin. Today I poured half a cup of spirulina powder, half a cup of Hawaiian sea salt, 2 drops of high quality lemongrass essential oil, and placed 2 clear quartz crystals. When I  took the crystals out they looked happy and […]

Gold Power

I recently bought a face serum with 24 K gold, so I got curious to understand why they put gold into skin care products.. I did a quick search and learned that gold can brighten and calm the skin. It helps skin to maintain youthful and smooth. During the time of Cleopatra, gold was commonly […]