Ayurveda practices were created by consciously evolved beings to help beings living during the age of corruption and degradation. After listening to several audio books on Ayurveda I learned a few beneficial practices. Majority of information that is available these days is misinterpreted and corrupted, so although it is beneficial to learn, one must be […]

Iodine for Balanced Body

Iodine is one of the most important minerals for the human body and most are deficient. Foods like kelp contain iodine. I mix 1 teaspoon of kelp powder with a little bit of room temperature water and drink that. I don’t trust that morton’s iodized salt and never use it. I’ve heard that it is […]

Physical Nourishment

We are living in an age of addictions. Almost everyone is addicted to food in one way or another and use it as a tool for emotional comfort instead of simply sustaining the physical form. Many people also consume food unconsciously in front of screens or while doing other activities. As a result of this […]

Sugar Craving Solutions

I feel like all my social media pages are becoming Jivanmukti fan pages haha. That girl is just so awesome and legit in my perspective, so when I take her advice and it works, I want to give her teachings credit. I have been monitoring my sugar intake even before I began listening to Jivanmukti’s […]

Citrus Spa

I am doing my best to distance myself from anything that is not necessary, in particular social media and television. With all this extra time, I have to figure out what to do. I am not yet at the point where I can meditate for 4 hours, which would be pretty awesome. So today I […]

Conscious Healing

This is a short summary from Jivanmukti’s Webinar called Dimensions of Healing Our consciousness is like a stream. And each of us steams individual conscious light matter into the collective mainstream. Currently we are in the down cycle which is a time period of ignorance and corruption where only 2-10 percent of the brain is […]

Homemade Cake

There are many beautiful cake recipes that you may find online or in cookbooks. However to make a cake healthier, you may switch up certain ingredients for more suitable ones. For example, the cake in the photo contains almond flour and sweetened with low glycemic monk fruit. All recipes can be upgraded to serve your […]