New Year Resolutions

An idea that recently came to me on why most people do not stick to their new year resolutions. It is because people are making them at the wrong time. Very few know about the times when it is auspicious to make changes. This modern calendar is not aligned with the natural cycles of creation. People need to understand natural cycles and tune into themselves, observe self. Auspicious times are during the new and full moon, during equinoxes, winter and summer solstice, and many other astrological events. And it is important to remember that understanding these events is not about empowering them or using them to control or manipulate reality. They are there to help us self refine and evolve in a more conscious, smoother, and healthier way.

I think that in more evolved eras, children will learn the science of astrology, and dive deeply into the type of psychology that Carl Jung studied. If you think we are living in some advanced era, I think it may be time to take another look around. Maybe take a walk down Hollywood Blvd in Los Angeles, California. Or consider how many ill people are everywhere even though there are huge amounts of resources going towards medical research. What is the result? Young people are “randomly” developing myocarditis.

Even though we are living in the age of ignorance and darkness, it does not mean that it is bad, according to Jivanmukti. Nothing should be judged, everything it is as it is. Many people know and experienced that facing pain or challenging times, allowed them to evolve exponentially faster. I think the point of living through these dark ages is to be a witness and to learn and evolve though these challenges but not to get tangled in it. But most people are tangled and believe everything the “authorities” tell them.

In ancient times, the times which are not taught in our schools, there were honorable leaders. But as the consciousness degraded, lower corrupt forms of consciousness took over power and leadership over the masses. These corrupt forms, for thousands of years, misguided humanity. Truth was hidden and all knowledge because corrupt and/or limited. I believe a huge amount of history that people are taught has been altered and even fabricated. Even religious scriptures like the Bible have been manipulated. Although there are fragments of truth in all things, the problem is that it is in bits and pieces and not complete, and many things are fabricated. Plus the bits of truth that remain are concealed and in parables that most can not interpret. Black magic and manipulation is inserted into religious rituals. For example, a religions practice of circumcision.. They give you compelling reasons why. And many people are so passionate about it and celebrate it. But if you step back and take a deep breath and use your natural intellect, you may begin to wonder.. How is this strange ritual affecting the baby? Does the pain that is inflicted on the baby create trauma? The vulnerable baby is 100 percent reliant on his mother and caretakers and these people submit the baby to this pain? Does it create a subconscious distrust in caretakers? etc etc. Carl Jung’s work may possibly help bring some clarity to the topic of the unconscious mind. The subconscious mind is a pretty powerful force in our life btw. All these strange rituals have been inserted into religious text by the corrupt forms, but for some reason very few people question them. Maybe cognitive dissonance happens because it is quite difficult to accept the fact that what a person believed for so many years could have been a lie. I feel that is why so many mainstream doctors get so aggressive when presented with evidence on how people can be healed naturally. It is hard to come to terms that the career they spent so much time and energy towards is corrupted and pretty much a lie.

People say that history is written by the victors. And those corrupt victors write history to ensure their power and control. Few people these days are connecting the dots to see what is what and who is who in these modern days. The ego’s grip is strong in most people and they can not come to terms that maybe who they voted for fooled them, and maybe that medical procedure that covered up the symptoms, hurt them in the long term. For many people it is painful to be wrong so they choose to prolong suffering to be right. Many of us became aware of the blatant fake news over the last several years. But what makes people believe that fake news has not existed for thousands of years? For example, another thing I question is why did that guy called King James authorize a new version of the Bible? Was he some holy person who has the ability to do so? Did he simply change the style of language or was knowledge removed or added? Why not just teach people to understand ancient language from the original version? And where is the most original version? In the basement of the Vatican out of reach..? Jordan Maxwell said that King James was evil. Jordan also said that Jesus did not exist and that what they talked about was the SUN not the SON. I however believe Jesus existed, and others like him like Siddha Patanjali, Lao Tzu, Siddha Bogar, etc. We can all believe of disbelieve whatever we want. But at the end of the day, there is no real way to check. And hallucination does not count as a way of checking. The best way to find truth is to connect to your inner being, sober, and listen to the silent whispers of your soul. Continue to purify your body, eat only natural organic foods, and evolution goes on one way or another. Blessings.


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