Sugar Craving Solutions

I feel like all my social media pages are becoming Jivanmukti fan pages haha. That girl is just so awesome and legit in my perspective, so when I take her advice and it works, I want to give her teachings credit. I have been monitoring my sugar intake even before I began listening to Jivanmukti’s talks. I went to a wholistic doctor about 8 years ago and he suggested I try a keto diet to heal my skin inflammation. It took me over a year to perfect but the keto diet healed my skin. Once that issue was healed I started becoming more relaxed about the sugar intake again. I avoided refined sugar but I ate a lot of fruit, raisins, figs, dried apricots, and dates. One day after eating a bunch of dates I noticed my teeth started to feel sensitive and kinda hurt. So I decided to apply Jivanmukti’s suggestion on limiting sugar to only 1 or 2 fruit a day. Berries like strawberries and blueberries are a great way to enjoy something sweet because they are low in sugar. But once you are in the sugar cycle, it is hard to quit, even if it is natural sugar like raisins and dates. I noticed that I start craving sugar after meals. So per Jivanmukti’s advice I decided to wait 20 minutes after my meal and have a herbal tea or lemon water instead. Psychologically, waiting a bit after a meal is not too hard because I already feel full and nourished. And to my surprise, once the 20 minutes pass, I no longer crave the sugar. I still enjoy the herbal tea or neem powder in warm water if I am up for it, but I don’t even need that once the 20 minutes pass. So it is basically a 20 minute self control practice. There are a lot of things you can do for 20 minutes to distract yourself from the craving. For example taking a walk or doing some household chores. Now that I am limiting my sugar intake, my teeth feel fine again.


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