Omg meditation is so awesome. I’ve had a twitchy left eyelid for the past month or 2, and during meditation I realized that I was just tensing it up!? Like what?? Lol who flexes their eyelids? Meditation is really helping me discover stress and tension in my body that I didn’t notice. It’s so strange how we go about our stressful days without fully checking in with our bodies. Wow. So now I’m able to stop the twitching eyelid by focusing on my left eye, relaxing it, and then my eye is back to normal within seconds! Meditation is also helping me sense and see my twin flame energetically more, so that’s good.

I can’t believe I’ve neglected meditation all these years, especially after having such an amazing experience at a 5 hour meditation class at the university of Chicago. The last 2 days I’ve meditated was for 30 mins, 20, and 5. I’m definitely liking the longer ones but the shorter meditation is still great for a quick check in. Meditation is making me feel optimistic. I hope feeling so good after how I feel from meditation lasts. Right after a short meditation I had such a cool vision of my twin flame lookin’ all fine. Haha. And then had great dreams. Lovin’ it!

From a meditation training I recently did: “many people’s favorite type of meditation is focusing on compassion. And today teachers suggest that if you practice only one type of meditation, to practice compassion, because this is what the world needs more of now. In a traditional loving-kindness meditation, send these phrases of compassion to yourself or to a loved one, a ‘neutral’ person in your life whose name you may not even know, a slightly difficult person, or to all living beings, animals, and Gods creations alive today. It could be powerful to send compassion to one, or several types of people. This is a great way for people to use the good energy they’ve built up towards creating more compassion in the world…”

happy crystal


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