Feeling the breeze

Today I got out of bed,  made breakfast and ate it outside by my pool. The weather was beautiful and an amazing feeling ocean breeze was caressing my face. I proclaimed that I will spend more time outside and take a walk before work. But time is tricky and by the time I finished getting ready, making my raw creme vanilla milkshake and putting on my violet lilac eye sparkles, it was already time to catch my bus to work! Halfway to my work a guy with intellect and crazy facial expressions gets on the bus with a suitcase and orange bucket of chemicals. The lady bus driver yelled at him about how he cant come in the bus with the chemicals but let him on anyway after he pleaded. I just felt uncomfortable and got off the bus. I still had like 15 minutes before work started and had a good excuse in case late. To my surprise I got out in front of a grocery store to which I wanted to go before work. I ended up quickly buying a snack that I wanted this morning and then jog/walk to work. Outside the breeze was there with me the whole time making me feel good and refreshed! I got to work only 3 minutes late with zero issues. I got my walk with the breeze, a snack, and radiant skin after and little outdoor jog! Yay


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