Thanksgiving Earth Friendly

archangel_gabriel_oc_cards_page_15_0Thanksgiving is not just a third thursday every November. And it is not the only day we appreciate and give thanks to those who support us. I think thanksgiving is sort of the beginning of the holiday cheer. Light up winter with joy and sparkly lights! I think the Archangel Gabriel is teaching and/or reminding us to appreciate what we have now and stay present, and then more presents will come. I think appreciating what you already have is a great way to go into the gift giving holidays. Maybe appreciating what you have could be something nice you have but are no longer attached to it, so giving it to someone else can be a way you appreciate the item and your loved one who you are giving the gift too. Get creative with the gift wrap, (maybe a page from a magazine you no longer need) make your own from things around your home that can be put to use and appreciated instead of generating clutter. Support ethical companies, keep beautiful Earth in mind, re-gift, re-use, recycle. Say Thank you.


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