Balance with a Singing Voice!

I’ve been really conscious about my body now. In the past, although I sometimes knew some things must be balanced, I for some reason didn’t get to them. Like I have a habit of chewing my food on the right side. So today I decided to be really conscious about chewing food today, and I did it on my left side. And now my left eyebrow is twitching haha! Also I work with a lot of artists, especially musicians, and today I’ve been practicing some of their advice. To improve singing there are some exercises that you can do:
Breathing is key.
Any workout that increases heart rate will improve the voice because it opens up the lungs and stretches the diaphragm. So for example, hiking, yoga, running, sex, etc. Be very conscious about sex of course. But yes, having sex with a suitable partner can really improve those vocal cords! lol.
Humming. Hmmm MMMmmmm
Drinking water and camomile tea.
Breathing exercise. Inhale very slow, exhale very slow. And/Or alternate nostrils, plug one nostril with your finger; Inhale through the left and exhale through the right, then inhale through the right, and exhale though the left, and so on. And/Or Inhale for 4 seconds, hold breath for 4 seconds, exhale for 4 seconds, hold breath for 4 seconds, inhale for 4 seconds, and so on. Keep breath steady and calm. Don’t manipulate or force. Go with the flow. Be kind to yourself. Be Kind.
~”Necessary concentration transforms one’s ordinary time on earth into magical power.””
The more I learn the more I’ll share on this one.

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