Crystal Water

Crystals and gemstones have different properties and unique abilities. You can make crystal water! However, make sure that you do not use just any crystal as some crystals may have toxic components. Crystal Water is also known as: crystal elixirs, gem elixirs, gem waters, crystal tonics, gem tonics, gem essences, crystal essence. Just place the crystal inside your water or near the water for at least 7 minutes.

You can water your plants with crystal water, give it to pets, drink it yourself, or put it in a spray bottle and spray crystal water on your skin and aura. You may add a drop of essential oil to the water too for wonderful aromatherapy properties.

Here is a short list of some protection & beauty crystals.

Black tourmaline helps reducing stress and addiction. Place a Black Tourmaline on your Solar-Plexus and give Reiki to bring clarity and power. Meditating with Black Tourmaline brings more light to cells. Shields you from your own negative thoughts and fear. It stops  psychic vampires from sucking off your energy; they won’t be able to get a drop of your energy if Black Tourmaline is around your auric field. Rubbing Black Tourmaline also brings good luck and happiness. It also protects from electromagnetic pollution.

Amethyst is an all-purpose stone. As a protection stone, it protects against witchcraft, dark energies, black magic and evil eyes. It is also considered one of the best stone to carry during travel. It is one of the most healing crystals and it is also a beauty crystal.

Rose Quartz is for unconditional love, youth, and beauty.

Bloodstone Protects against entities and all forms of harmful spirits and provides total psychic protection.

Mica Protects against anger and eliminates negative personality trait.

Carnelian Protects from injuries, ward off harmful spirits, and blocks other’s attempts to read your thoughts.

Tigers eye Protects against unwanted energy forms (negative thoughts and spirits).

Peridot is a Powerful shield against dark energies and all kind of psychic forces.

Clear Quartx Transmutes negative to positive.

Fluorite Acts as a guard against psychic attacks.

Lapiis Lazuli Creates protective shield


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