Raise your magical light

The frequency of this planet is rapidly rising and I would like to share some tips on how you can hop on the happy train to love and light. That is why I would like to talk a bit about magic. Magic is undeniable, it exists. And before I write anything else I would like to say that Light+Love is profoundly more powerful than darkness, this is a simple fact. The reason I say Light+Love is because this is the most perfect alchemical fusion of energy frequencies. You need both Love and Light to create the right power energy. I guess in humans it is sort of like merging the emotional, feeling, and mental bodies.

Part of my training in psychology is to observe people. I also believe that all behaviors can be reprogrammed to impeccable love and harmony with magic alchemy and repetition. Drinking and bathing in pure water is very important. You may use clear quartz and amethyst along with  Tri-Quench Potassium Iodide (SSKI) to clean water. Responding to everything in life with positive unconditional love frequencies is a good idea.

Here is a blurb from Dr. Jonathan V. Wright, MD Tamoha clinic blog about SSKI dietary supplement:

Bee in Natural Harmony Now, Activate Now! Lady Venus Threefold Twin Flame, activate now.  Sapphire Prosperity Activate Now.


Remember the fact that purity, love,  and light are superbly more powerful than darkness but darkness and the ego are huge tricksters that can give an illusion of power. So don’t get tricked and do not give away your power! Humans are powerful beings. Humans are originally divine creations that were unfortunately manipulated by the Anunnaki and some other dark creators around the time of Atlantis that fell and became Babylon. But that’s okay, all is being restored to it’s divine blueprint, rising again in this Golden Age, but you still have free will to choose whatever path you desire. You are encouraged to practice love to manifest a life for the highest good of all! Love yourself and love others unconditionally regardless of your different views. If you don’t agree with someone and feel uncomfortable around them, just avoid them but do not get angry, feel shame, or try to do revenge- those things are dark.

To usher more magical light, light magic, or light magic use tools such as spending time in nature like hiking, mindfulness, meditation, EFT, breathing, yoga, body awareness, kindness to self and others, drinking water mindfully, crystals-especially Rose Quartz, Amethyst, Lapis Lazuli, visualizing people and places in white, violet, gold, blue, and rose light, and say angelic prayers to raise your frequency.

Enjoy the shimmering light path of wonderful synchronicities and divine signs brought to you with the songs and on the wings of birds and the whispers of the breeze!

11215074_1141015285925668_9005869471144240568_n“Goddess of Purity, I desire to return to a Being of Love&Light at all times. All my thoughts, all my feelings, all my words, all the images that I hold inside me, all my reactions, my responses, all my approaches, my interactions — it is my desire that everything within me and how I interface with the world around me, my loved ones and others, that all be a state of Love.”

“Goddess of Purity focuses with the White Ray of Purity to the Earth, bringing wholeness and perfection of the Christ Self through the flame of the Mother’s Presence. You may call upon the Goddess of Purity and her Great Central Sun’s Immortal Flame of Purity and Love to come forth into your being and world, restoring everything to Divine Purity and Balance, opening the way that you, your family and all humanity may go forth, the fulfillment of the Divine Plan of life on Earth. Her Sacred Fire Love offers assistance in cutting free from the illusions of human creation and to expand awareness into Christ Consciousness”

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMy Beloved Great God Presence, Beloved Archangel Michael and your Legions of Angels, fill me, fill my Self, fill my Being and my world, with all manifestations of your Sacred Fire that compel the dissolution, the consumption, of all density from my being and world; that compels the purifying of every impurity.

Archangel Michael and Your Legions of Angels, release your Sacred Fire Love through my being and world, that will purify my mind, my body, my feelings and my world. And place a focus of all the manifestations of your Sacred Fire, your Cosmic Blue Flame, the Cosmic Christ Blue Lightning of Indestructible Purity and Power, and  the Cosmic Action of the Cosmic Christ Violet Consuming Flames into every area of trust and influence of power, seats of government, hospital, churches, academies, universities, and all places that are Sacred to the Earth.

And to bring forth your Sacred Fire Love and Protection around the new-borns, the new Lifestreams, and all that must be protected for the incoming Golden Age.

“Archangel Michael and Archeia Faith of the Blue Ray represent the Divine Will and Truth of Mother-Father God. Michael is the Director of the entire Angelic Kingdom and has legions upon legions of angels standing by ready to respond to our calls. As angels of deliverance, Michael and Archeia Faith’s consciousness embodies the all-powerful Blue Flame to the Earth with focus to release Earth from all destructive forces including the alter ego and human held illusions of duality. When you call upon Michael and his sword of the Blue Flames into a situation of negativity, nothing can stand against it. We may ask for the Cloak of Invisibility, invincibility and the mighty blue armour as a shield of daily protection in our lives.”

459698a9a661168cf2d20f893886c8e5 I call forth My Beloved Great ‘I AM” Presence, Beloved Lady Qwan Yin, Beloved Goddess of Peace, Beloved Goddess of Harmony, Beloved Goddess of  Purity for your Ascended Master Peace, Purity and Harmony through your Sacred Fire Love, Mercy and Forgiveness, passing through my mind, body and feelings, and ask you, Beloved Quan Yin, through your Own Christ Flame of Love, Mercy and Forgiveness – to take that struggle from my emotional body, so that I can feel the Twelve Attributes of DivineLove and use those Attributes to build a life. Now, more than ever before, my outer life shall gain as great an importance as my spiritual life. I now allow my outer life to be fulfilled. I hold a place within myself where dreams are allowed to be fulfilled and I dream a new dream, to reach farther than I have ever reached before, for what I wish to experience in my life, for what I wish to be, for what I wish to have. I command all temporal experiences from the Third Dimension, all human consciousness on Earth stop its action against the Light. I now dream it, I visualize it, I see it, and I know that aging — that everything that is temporary, everything that is the human dream can be undone in a moment and it but requires my authority. And I go out in life now and experience all the wonders and the beauties of life. I was not brought to this world to deny the world; I AM here to teach the world to do everything in a state of Love. I AM Love’s Eternal Flame. I AM the answer. I AM so grateful that it is so that I AM the fulfillment of my every call!

As the great Bodhisattva Mother Goddess, Qwan Yin directs the Flames of Mercy and Compassion to the Earth under the authority of the Violet Fire with Saint Germain. Qwan Yin is a Member of the Karmic Board for this planet, representing the Seventh Ray and keeps the Flame of the Divine Mother on behalf of the peoples of China, Asia, and the world.  She has taken the Vow of the Bodhisattva to serve Planet Earth until all its evolutions are ascended and free. Call upon her sword of mercy and the Sacred Fire healing powers of forgiveness to intensify the Love that will dissolve all fear and doubt from your life and that of all Humanity. Her etheric retreat is over Beijing, China and her mantra is “Om Mani Padme Hum”.


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