3rd Graders Unplugged

Image(Field Trip Guide) “See these holes in the ground? Pocket Gophers live there. See I have a picture, it looks like a hamster.

(3rd Grade Boy) “An ugly hamster.”

(Field Trip Guide) “Don’t put sticks in the holes. Kapish?”

(A bunch of 3rd Graders) “What’s Kapish?”

(3rd Grade Girl) “Why are birds important?”

(Guide) “They are part of the food chain, they eat bugs to maintain balance in

Kids Resting after Hiking 500 feet Up.

Kids Resting after Hiking 500 feet Up.

nature. Plus, they are beautiful and sing beautiful songs.”

(3rd Grade Girl) “One time a nature lady brought a snake to school and I touched it!”

(3rd Grade Girl) “Some people are so irresponsible throwing stuff on the ground.”

(3rd Grade Girl) “Poor trees. I want to save them.”

(A Bunch of 3rd Grade Boys) “I love hiking. This is so awesome!”

“Peace on Earth Good Will To All.”Just some cute and endearing phrases.


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