Sage and Sweet Grass is a Delight

Burning sweet grass is absolutely delightful!

Sweet grass (Hierochloe odorata)

Parts used: aerial portion

Element: Air

Other uses: Used long ago as a flavoring agent. Currently used as a cleansing and purifying incense


The action of Sweetgrass is to encourage drawing in positive vibrational energy along with purifcation. Traditionally it is used to drive away negative spirits and energies while the sweetness draws in positive spirits to assist and influence matters.

One Individual says, “When I’m in the presence of sweetgrass or using it for esoteric purposes, I have found it to immediately give me a sense of empowerment, of clarity and calm and a greater ability to refocus my energies to gain perspective that is from a more positive place.”

Technical difficulties?

Sweetgrass is traditionally braided and used as a smudge by lighting the tip. It does tend to burn out easily and therefore needs to be re-lit if used in this way. An alternative is to cut clippings / shaving off the braid of grass and burn on charcoal tablets.


“Sage is held sacred by many Native American Indians, because of it’s effective purifying energies. Sage is often used in smudging ceremonies for those who are seeking balance and pure thought, spirit and body.”


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