Saving A Creature’s Life


Photo taken in Belgium 2009

I rescued a cute little bee from the pool today, twice! I was gazing into the pool after my meditation and admiring the moving rainbows at the bottom of it. I checking out a rainbow that looked like a heart. I then switched my gaze to the top of the pool and saw a little floating bee. I immediately pulled it out of the water with the hope for it to live. I put it on top of a green plant and watched what happens next. It began to wiggle its little feet, then it started to clean its little head. Soon the glowing droplets of water fell off its wings and it flew away. I continued to chill at the pool and all of the sudden saw it dive into the water again. I quickly got up and pulled it out again. This time it didn’t get too wet and took flight quicker. Then a few minutes later it sat on the sole of my right foot and tickled me with its little vibrating wings.

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