Physical & Emotional Transformation

I have been cultivating my conscious focus according to ancient wisdom. Ancient scriptures say that it is important to cultivate equanimity through constant focus within. Although my mind wanders often, I am becoming more and more aware of its patterns and continuously bring it back to my breath. I enjoy focusing on my breath during walks outside for example, and really anytime I remember. I’ve been listening to a girl, Jivanmukti who puts out videos on YouTube. These videos provide knowledge and helpful reminders through words, but also I sense that her transmissions are beyond words and are helping me evolve on a subtle level. She wrote awesome books that I read a little bit of each night, called Siddha Param-Para The Key to Bio-Spiritual Immortality. The knowledge she shares teaches us to be the masters of ourselves and to heal and transform ourselves. When it comes to transformation, it should never be forced or artificial. As we gain more and more conscious awareness, the physical reality will transform naturally. Suppressing or ignoring symptoms is probably not going to lead to healing or evolution, so one should be aware of this before they take any medication. If something is causing you pain, find the root of the problem and stop doing it. Discipline yourself. Another thing that I recently realized is that it is healing to talk with your body. You don’t have to do it outloud, but if you know you did something you shouldn’t have and are experiencing some kind of pain, say to your body, “I am sorry I consumed that beverage or food, or activated negative emotions by interacting with that negative person, etc. Please forgive me. I love you. Thank you for all that you do for me.” Or something along those lines. This is the Ho’oponopono method. It is an ancient spiritual practice that helps heal all things by accepting responsibility. You may also do a healing meditation, where you sit with a nice posture, relax, and direct your focus on an organ or any part of your body that you would like to balance. Breathe deeply and gently place your hands and gently tap that area. EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) is also helpful in releasing congested negative energy such as guilt, shame, resentment, etc. You may research the different acupressure points and write your own phrases to say or say them spontaneously as they come to mind while tapping these points. Pay close attention to your cravings and reactions during the moon cycles and other astrological events. During the new moon and full moon, we tend to crave more and be more emotionally imbalanced. We should not empower these events, but we should pay attention to where we are at, learn about our inclinations and evolve beyond it all to a more pure and clear state of being. A Being that is powerful, neutral, calm, vibrant, healthy, and non violent. The powerful pure Being does not have cravings, it does not get disturbed, it does not allow the outside world to dictate how to feel and be. It is wholesome, youthful, and content at all times.


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