Ayurveda practices were created by consciously evolved beings to help beings living during the age of corruption and degradation. After listening to several audio books on Ayurveda I learned a few beneficial practices. Majority of information that is available these days is misinterpreted and corrupted, so although it is beneficial to learn, one must be discerning and listen to their inner wisdom. To access the inner wisdom may take some tedious work, because a lot of the time we let our trauma dictate our impulses. We accumulate a lot of trauma from our childhood, ancestors which is passed on with DNA, and our past lives. Wether you believe in it or not, reality remains as it is. Trauma doesn’t have to be some extreme dramatic situation. Something as common as an older sibling bulling can be enough for a small child to contract and create negative assumptions about self, others, and the world in general. Since we are living in the dark ages at the moment, pretty much everyone is traumatized to a certain degree. Our job in this life is to un-traumatize ourselves and strive for a constant state of contentment, non judgement, equanimity, and calm, despite the situation or circumstance. One way we can start our healing journey of consciousness, is to heal the body. Our health depends on our digestion. In order to sustain the physical form in this day and age we need to consume water, vitamins, and minerals. Natural sunshine is vital. 30 minutes to 1 hour of sunshine daily on full body with no sunscreen is necessary. Engage with the sunshine wisely by spending time outdoors in the morning and evening.

A few take aways I got from the audio books is to combine foods properly. For example, eat fruit separately 45 minutes before a meal. So you should not combine fruits with other foods like nuts, grains, dairy, etc. This is a. hard one for me because I love yogurt with fruit. But I am trying to not let my cravings or corrupted past programs dictate how I nourish my body. It takes time and self discipline. Balance is not about eating junk food one day and then fasting another day, that is called swinging from one extreme to another. True balance is when there is a constant state if contentment and perfect health. Another great tip I learned is to take a short 5-10 minute walk after each meal. It is not a good idea to stay stagnant or sleep right after a meal. If weather conditions do not allow for a walk, then do some household chores like washing dishes. Some other tips include:

Daily body massage with oil. Mix olive oil with essential oils, or use it on its own. Jojoba oil is wonderful on its own or as a carrier oil. Sesame seed oil is also very healing. After a shower, moisturize and massage the face and body. LivingLibations.com has super awesome products.

Neti pot to cleanse nasal passages. Use it during hot and humid times not when it is dry and cold. Use clean water which in this day and age means filtered water.

Take herbal supplements, for example: long pepper, ashwagandha, triphala, neem powder, etc.

Do research and spend time in quietude and meditation to find out what you truly need to heal.


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