Physical Nourishment

We are living in an age of addictions. Almost everyone is addicted to food in one way or another and use it as a tool for emotional comfort instead of simply sustaining the physical form. Many people also consume food unconsciously in front of screens or while doing other activities. As a result of this multi-tasking and overall improper approach to food, people consume a lot more than necessary. I’ve been on a journey to refine my food habits for a while now. At this point it is pretty easy for me to avoid all processed food. Not long ago I tried to eat some processed pastry that was kindly offered to me and it tasted bad, like chemicals. In the past it would have tasted good. So it is encouraging that as we refine our consciousness, our physical preferences also refine, naturally. One of the more difficult challenges that I am currently facing is food combining and volume of food consumed. As I’ve already mentioned, we have been trained to over-eat. In reality we don’t need more than a handful or two of natural food in volume. But we eat a lot more than that. Proper food combining seems like a good idea also, but again we have been conditioned to constantly consume a variety of everything all at once. Do some research on food combining to learn which foods digest best together and which foods to eat separately. For example, fruit should not be combined with anything else. But we are usually not satisfied with just eating one fruit for a meal. Instead we want to combine fruit with yogurt and some almonds to at least feel somewhat satisfied. Most people will not agree with this minimalistic approach to nourishment, because the addictions and past conditionings will turn on all possible defense mechanisms. But if our society was doing nourishment right, we would see all healthy, youthful, content people walking around. But even the “healthy” looking people in this age are still getting the flu, anxiety, and all sorts of other health troubles that a truly healthy human would never face. So the refinement process continues. Minimizing volume and proper food combining is the next step. Also it is important to note that these are slightly more advanced steps of consciousness evolution, and most people should not try to force it. Forcing anything will cause more friction and illness. I met a guy who drastically gave up eating meat and a year later got really sick. Awareness is the first step, and true changes towards true health happen gradually and naturally.


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