Conscious Healing

This is a short summary from Jivanmukti’s Webinar called Dimensions of Healing

Our consciousness is like a stream. And each of us steams individual conscious light matter into the collective mainstream. Currently we are in the down cycle which is a time period of ignorance and corruption where only 2-10 percent of the brain is active and the rest of the brain ability is dormant. If the entire brain was active, humans would have “supernatural” powers, although in reality they are natural and normal. Before the corruption, humans were free from thoughts and emotions and used these as tools in moderation. Now if a person tries to “meditate” for 5 minutes, keeping the mind pure of thoughts is like one of the most difficult things. As we became imbalanced over thousands of years we lost the ability to process reality in a neutral equanimous way. Now the mental and emotional information is to the brim in the body and therefore it drains the body, makes it sick and aging. When a person thinks, no matter if it’s positive or negative, their consciousness is outside the body. Wherever the focus is directed, that thing is supported regardless if you are in agreement or disagreement with whatever you are watching or listening to. By directing focus to whatever that is part of the matrix (gossip, tv, news, podcasts, art, books, social media, etc) the more one drains self unnecessarily and the weaker becomes their aura. The problem with the down cycle is that we cannot check what another person’s frequency was or is when they were creating their literature, art, film, ect. We also do not know if these individuals employed entities while creating. Many artists and content creators use drugs to access higher levels of creativity. Every time they employ forces outside their natural being through artificial means like drugs (even if drugs are made from plants), there is always a price to pay. When they receive knowledge that was not born inside their consciousness naturally, they have to give something up. When other people plug their own consciousness to that creation, they tarnish their energy system. When focus is directed to anything, consciousness is outside the body and the body is drained of life energy. However, when consciousness is intact within the body, it nourishes the body. In this day and age, to maintain or regain health and youth, one must unplug their consciousness from the corrupted mainstream matrix. Almost everyone on earth is corrupted and draining, therefore it is best to not connect to any other stream unless it is absolutely necessary. Not everyone is meant to evolve in this cycle. And many souls incarnated to experience corruption to the fullest. But for those who have awakened and want to get on a higher level of existence, they must learn to be content with their personal stream and nourish self from within. When one learns to remain fully in the body, they create a shield that doesn’t allow other’s corruption to affect and drain them. Our energy body manifests the physical body. Weak energy body translates to a weak immune system. So in reality health is the result of a wholesome intact consciousness that nourishes the physical body. Once again, to strengthen the energy body, one must unplug from the mainstream. With a pure consciousness one will always eat and do the things that are nourishing instead of draining. With an intact consciousness one will always know what to do and where to be from within without having to ask anyone. According to the necessity a person can create temporary links with the projected mainstream, and the rest of the time continue to remain consciously intact. Consciously intact means one is in constantly in a state of meditation, even when performing certain activities like walking or cleaning. It means the individual is always aware of their body and keeps it relaxed with a balanced breathing pattern. A balanced breathing pattern is breathing deeply into the stomach area before filling up the lungs with fresh oxygen. In this way of being the brain will slowly start activating to next level higher frequency consciousness. Therefore patience and dedication is necessary in this process of self refinement. So far everything that we know that was streamed to us is limited. Once we learn how to be fully connected to our pure higher consciousness, reality will shift and what once was considered supernatural will become normal and natural. Sunlight is very important in activating consciousness. It is important to spend time in the sun morning and evening, about 15 minutes to 1 hour each time. The more an individual’s steams refines, they will be able to slowly activate others. It will be like a domino effect. So if you want to bless your loved ones with health and well being, instead of nagging them to stop or start doing something, begin to refine yourself by unplugging from the mainstream matrix and your vibration will naturally activate them towards healing without you having to say or do anything. It is worth a try if you feel like your soul may be in the category that is destined to evolve in this cycle. May all be free from corruption, mind control, curses, and all kinds of negative energy. And may the immortal essence bless all with clarity, purity, abundance of all kind, balanced soul mate relationships, a healthy and youthful body, and a protective shield over their subtle and physical body.


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