High intensity interval training fun

Wow so I’ve known about high intensity interval training but I’ve had anxiety about trying it because I thought it was gonna be super hard like those high school sprinting track workouts that the coaches made us do. Like we would do fifteen 200 meter sprints with a 30 second rest in between as fast as possibl, like race speed but not once, 15 times maxing out lol. But the training that I just did was not like that. I didn’t feel that intense burning feeling in my abs but I got so sweaty; more sweaty compared to running at medium speed, which also feels way harder. At my gym they got these new woodway treadmills that have different workouts programmed. I did the 16 min program where it’s a 3 min walk warmup on speed 3 and 3 min walk cool down and 10 mins in between you are running fast for 30 seconds on speed 8 and walking 30 seconds on speed 3.5. What a great workout and it felt so easy. According to a lot of functional medicine doctors I’ve been learning from, this is the most effective type of exercise.


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