My Second Dance Class Experience

Dance class was better today, I feel I improved like 15 percent. Today at least I figured out to go the same direction as the rest of the people. But was not synchronizing when we had to do an open leg jump. And the super fast mini steps in between like wide leg moves like half lunges wide. I liked when we did the grapevine, it looked pretty. With all the super fast mini Irish dance style steps and having to remember different series of moves all with those mini steps and combine them in less than 15 mins. Wow. Today the instructor also included some slower ballet moves, those are easier for me since I’ve taken so many barre classes. But what really helped me today was the dances we had to learn at this Russian camp that I went to, and the drills we did during track and field in high school- for warm up we had to do these fast skippy drills with high leg lifts. Those mini steps though… it looked like when people at the gym do those mini step runs in that ladder thing that the trainers lay on the floor. Dancing is cool, it’s like all movements put together. I also like it because all the hopping around makes me feel good, I have a smile in class the whole time without trying to have it, (you know those times when you have to force a smile to be polite but what you really wanna do is walk by peacefully and quietly with a relaxed face. But in this class I feel like my smile is just so natural and light, like a cloud. The instructor is super cool and an awesome dancer, obviously, and he said he will have class next week and include modifications. He said this is a more advanced class last week, so I’m glad there will be options because we all have unique preferences.


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