I listened to a podcast and a doctor who does anti aging research said that for healthy people, some physical stress makes them stronger in the long run. Like for example exercise is stress on the body but it makes us stronger in the long run because of adaptability. What the doctor specifically discussed was sauna/steam room. So exposure to high heat makes the body stress and as a result create some sort of things inside to make it stronger and more adaptable. The research study said people who did at least 20 minutes of this type of heat exposure saw positive results. So I started to try this too. I love the eucalyptus stream room at my gym but I usually stayed in there for like 10 mins and as soon as I started to get uncomfortable I left. Now after learning about this study I began to time myself and stay 20 mins, it is kinda hard, my heart starts beating all fast, and it’s a very mental exercise as well. First time I did it I walked out super light headed and was exhausted and had a headache after. The second time I did it was different, I didn’t get those negative symptoms, I got stronger and adapted. So seems to work 🙂 For some reason our bodies get stronger if we push ourselves a little passed our perceived limits. 🦄💍💎🍇💄🍇💎

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