Healthy Meal Recipes

I’ve been doing a new way of eating for myself where I eat larger meals 2 times a day, I try to aim for 3 meals but usually the 3rd ends up being like a snack. I eat in between an 8 hour window and then I rest or drink water for a 16 hour window (sometimes it turns out to be 14, and a few times 18). Being on this meal schedule plus doing daily meditation is helping me stay more present and appreciative of the things around me.

I follow several nutritionists and doctors online, which is so awesome that we can do that these days. On youtube I sometimes get suggestions to watch their videos and today I listened to one as I was getting ready to go for a morning walk around my beautiful neighborhood in the Los Angeles hills, and a nutritionist said that it may be a good idea to not have sugar for breakfast. Which is pretty wild because in most of the media since maybe the 1960s, they keep advertising high carb/ high sugar breakfasts to people. (In reality non of these things should affect us if we are vibrating on a super high frequency in the physical, but for some reason these things are affecting us..Luckily I was born in little city in Russia and we were more simple and I guess healthier in the way we lived life, so I was introduced to a more wholesome, less processed way of eating from an early age. (Fashion aside because for some reason the little random city where I was born, everyone is dressed so nicely and fashionably! I was visiting there not long ago and it really inspired me to dress my best even if I am going out to do a quick errand.

Anyways so listening to a short video on nutrition guided me to make this 3 course breakfast!

First thing I do when I wake up is brush my teeth and wash my face and right after drink water, I often add a tiny bit of pink salt or sea salt because salt and water = electrolytes. Then right before my heal I sometimes drink a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar mixed in a cup of water. After all the hydration I made a yummy green juice with:¬†Cucumber, Celery, Parsley, Cilantro, and Lemon. I also made a salad with cucumber, a little bit of celery and cilantro and seasoned it with pink salt, apple cider vinegar, and pumpkin seed oil. I got the pumpkin seed oil in Slovenia, which is said to be super healthy. Then I fried eggs on Ghee or Coconut oil along with tomatoes; I’ve heard from several different sources that heated tomatoes create something called lycopene and it is supposed to be good for you. I definitely feel good eating those yummy warmed up tomatoes from the farmers market. I also sprinkled some arugula (which is a really powerful food), cilantro, and raw organic cheese. (It kinda looks like pizza haha, only the base is protein and not carbohydrates. And after that I made tea with stevia and ate pistachios and cheese as a little dessert.


The other day for Dinner I made: Fried zucchini, sweet potatoes, and a yummy green juice. I made it with parsley, cucumber, and celery. This green juice tasted like milk with cinnamon- green juice is magical, it tastes different each time I make it. And lastly I made a smoothie with peanut butter, raw chocolate powder, raw kefir, chia seeds, and stevia; yum. I’ve noticed peanut butter is very satiating. However I’ve noticed that not all peanut butter is created equal, because one brand I tried had some additives, so it was not pure and I think I broke out because of it, however with another brand that only had peanut butter written in the ingredient label makes me feel fine. I think in our world today that is full of media trying to sell us stuff, it is important to do research and read labels. I pray that soon we wont have to be so aware and things on this planet will be fair and all people are treated with love and kindness.



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