Amazing Ocean

It’s such a beautiful day at the ocean. The sunshine is warm and the WATER is cool and calm. I was just in there for at least 30 mins or maybe more. I am not sure if today is just an extra beautiful day or if I’m more in awe with the beach today because I’ve returned to my mindfulness, breathing meditation practice again after some years. Wow, the sand at this Los Angeles beach is golden sparkly! I think there’s mica in it. IN the evening sun, I remember these sparkles LOOK silver, but right now they look golden. The water is cold but in a good way. I dived under water several times and when I noticed my body getting cold I got out and stayed in the water up to my waste, and then up to my knees, and ankles, slowly walking out of the water as it helped me heal my legs with a water massage and cool water for my ankle that got hurt last month. The ocean waves are so fun and awesome, each one is different; some feel super gentle, others stronger; smoother. Sometimes a larger wave would bring in a lot more water to shore and when I would be standing in water up to my hips, it can rise all the way up to my neck. Now the waves are all calm 🙂 Some days these waves were so powerful that they made me do a full legs over head tumble. The water is so sparkly and beautiful too right now, it’s with silver sparkles. When I was standing the ocean, I saw waves pick my the sparkly sand and make the water full of tiny golden sparkles. When the ocean waves rise and curve, they become more transparent and emerald color. I’m so excited to do a 40 minute meditation at the beach! I brought plenty of white clothing to cover up with so that I don’t over do it in the sun; I love being on this soft sparkly sands beach most of the day.



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